14 Movie And TV Heroes That 'Use' Their Powers In Illogical Ways

14 Movie And TV Heroes That 'Use' Their Powers In Illogical Ways

Super powers are cool. They can run the gambit from shooting lasers out of one's hands to reading people's minds to being Squirrel Girl. Squirrel Girl is boss, just ask any squirrel. 

So yeah, one expects those endowed with such fantastic skills and talents to know how to use them effectively, and not just sit on their hand lasers when using said hand lasers could easily fix whatever situation they're in. It’s simple logic: hand lasers plus using them equals problem solved.

Look, we get it. Fictional heroes are nothing but figments of some creative type's imagination, cooked up in the hallowed halls of their creative mind. Still, we assume there's an internal logic to their stories, and that they follow a carefully-crafted path and obey the laws of their own fictional universes. But half the time, those skills and powers are completely at odds with their own narratives. So scroll on for things like:

In The Wolverine, Wolverine's claws are made of adamantium, a metal that can cut through anything. Yet in his fight scene against black ninjas, not a

In Collateral, Vincent is a professional hitman ...who was killed by a regular taxi driver. During the standoff between Vincent and the taxi driver Ma

Harry Potter is a phenomenal Quidditch Seeker, even though he has terrible eyesight. It should be nearly impossible for anyone who wears glasses to ca

In Tangled, Rapunzel's tear heals Eugene, implyiing that her power is within her, and not just in her hair. Yet after Eugene cuts her hair, the hair s

In Limitless, Eddie takes down several men by recalling the fighting styles he saw on TV. But no matter how vividly he remembers the tactics, he still

In Noah, Noah inherits the power given by God from his father, even though his rite of passage ceremony was not finished. And at the end of the movie,

In Monsters, Inc., the monsters can harness energy by making children laugh. They're the same hairy, huge, big-toothed monsters that used to terrify k

In Oldboy, Dae-su single-handedly knocks down several men after training for 15 years in his cell. During those 15 years of training, however, he was

In Hancock, after the revelation that Mary also has superpowers,, she and Hancock battle it out: in downtown LA. Despite the fact that they lose their

In Iron Man 2, Ivan Vanko hacks into the system of a major defense contractor seconds after arriving at Hammer Industries. But his hacking skill comes

In Glee, Brittany Pierce is a mathematical genius who got accepted at MIT. But she also struggles to graduate from high school. Brittany is a dim-witt

In Real Steel, Atom withstands Zeus' blows for four whole rounds. It's a mystery how Atom is still functioning in round five. Zeus is a third-generati

Wonder Woman can recite socrates in Ancient Greek. But she does not know what marriage is, even though Socrates talked about the subject. It would be

In Aquaman, Vulko can breathe on land. But he is not a member of the royal line of Atlanteans. The film establishes that only members of the royal fam
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