22 Stereotypes Hollywood (Still) Slops Around

News flash: Stereotypes may not always be accurate.
22 Stereotypes Hollywood (Still) Slops Around

Hollywood claims to love representation and celebrate diversity. The problem is, a lot of the time, it fails. We wanted to find out from real people how Hollywood is doing, when it comes to representing them, so we asked our readers. As it turns out, not well. Here's what they told us.

Jurassic World initially shows Claire Dearing as a selfish, unfeeling, career-driven woman. By the end of the film, she's learned to feel, understand,
22 Stereotypes Hollywood (Still) Slops Around
Neurodivergence is still just a way to score cheap sympathy points in a villain's backstory. Joker (2019) This isn't representation. It's only there f
The Hollywood stereotype of the philosophy major is an arrogant hipster, doomed to a life of unemployment, misanthropy, and self-loathing. Yet thanks
CRACKEDc 1010101111 Working in IT doesn't 1010101 mean I'm an awkward dork with no fashion 1 sense 101 or social skills to speak of. It would be one t
In 2017's Beauty and the Beast, LeFou is supposed to be one of Disney's first attempts at gay represertation, and he's horrible. He's a comic-relief c
CRACKEDG almost every time a movie features punk rockers, they're absolute scumbags to everyone for no real reason. THHE TERMINATOR Sure, some punks a
I'm SO done with movies portraying obese people as sleazy couch potatoes. IW! Nearly every overweight person I meet involves themselves in sports or e
Violet from The Incredibles is a caricature of an introvert. As an introvert, still make friends Calthough I keep my. social circle small) and have no
I wish Hollywood would stop depicting all Greeks as being loud. It makes me feel like I'm betraying my people by being an introvert.
In Pitch Perfect, Bumper tells Fat Amy she's the grossest human being he's ever seen (right before hitting on her) and continues to humiliate her fo
In MISSION: IMPOSSIBIE 2, when we see the Sevillians celebrating the Holy Week, they mix customs from festivities of other regions, like the white and
Even when nerds are the main characters, Hollywood still treats them like a joke. AQunNa Enjoying video games, reading for pleasure, and dressing up i
As an Australian, it's annoying to see Aussies in U.S. movies/s shows depicted as either backwards weirdos or reckless daredevils. We can be normal to
Please stop depicting every millennial as an insufferable, 20-something douchebag. A lot of us are currently heading into our 40s. It's time to move o
Hooray! Strong female characters proving that women can still Iead full lives without wanting children! Parksans Recreation EBIGBANGTHEORY ...until th
Movies and TV shows Still get confused about PMS. Being on your period doesn't turn you into a psychotic mess.
Once, just of once could Hollywood depict members THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS As, like, REGULAR PEOPLE and NOT... Polygamists .Ult
CRAGKEDcO I have OCD but that doesn't mean that I clean everything non-stop, despite what you see on Glee and elsewhere. OCD can also just be unwanted
Asian characters in movies are primarily stuck in Sidekick Jail, cast only to help out the white hero.
Hollywood loves to represent Southerners as religious, conservative, and painfully unsophisticated. MASoI anle NBC In reality we have a wide of variet
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