Surprisingly Smart Legal Moves By Famous People

It's not all M&M colors, in celebrity contracts.
Surprisingly Smart Legal Moves By Famous People

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One of the coolest things about being famous (we assume) is being able to demand whatever you want, when you show up somewhere. If it were us, we'd be demanding crazy sh*t, just non-stop.

Surprisingly, some celebrities look past that and add some objectively smart stipulations to their contracts. We asked our readers to find examples of that.

Quentin Tarantino owns the copyright on his films. According to his contract, the studios gradually cede ownership to Tarantino over time, which, amon
Tony Todd negotiated a fee of $ 1000 for every time he was stung by a bee during the filming of Canuyman. That stipulation earned him $23,000. CRACKED
As player-manager of the Cleveland Indians, Tris Speaker knew he needed to deal with star pitcher Ray Caldwell's fondness for partying. Speaker and Ca
CRACKEDcO COM Uma Thurman's contract for Eloise in Paris let her buy any of the movie's clothes and wigs for half of what they were bought for.
Alphas Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Dwayne The Rockil Johnson hate to lose. They have it written into their Fast & Furious contracts that they can't
ke vide. FILA Frapd Former footballer f-christel Guie-Mien had a clause in his contract requiring his club, Eintracht Frankfurt, to pay for his wife's
CRACKEDOON Marlon Brando agreed to play Jor-El in Superman on the condition that he be paid $3.7 million upfront and 11.75% of the movie's gross profi
CRACKEDCO Janet Jackson included a No Jackson Jokes contract clause for her 2011 tour. Comedians who were doing the opening act for her concert were
Donald Trump made a ton of cameos in the '90s. He had contracts stipulating that a small part was to be written for him whenever a movie was filmed in
You're hearing Dolph Lundgren in Masters of the Universe only because of a detail in his contract. Lundgren's contract had a clause saying the studio
CRACKED COM Motivated to prevent his return to WWE, WCW agreed to the lucrative contract terms that Hulk Hogan demanded. VCV World Championship Wrestl
JIM CARREY YES Jim Carrey traded his salary for a stake of ownership in Yes Man, which reportedly earned him $8 million more than what he would've bee
Michael Jordan's contract included a Love of the Game clause that allowed him to play basketball any time, any where. To protect their investments d
George Lucas used The Empire Strikes Back as leverage against Fox. Once A New Hope became a megahit, Fox really didn't want another studio to get the
Tom Cruise renegotiated his contract with Paramount for Mission: Impossible 2 to take 30% of the theatrical gross and 40% of the DVD gross. This earne
Despite not playing for the past decade, NBA player Allen Iverson is still earning $800,000 a year because of a lifetime contract he made with Reebok.
Adele used her contract for a good cause. Her 2011 rider stipulated that every attendee with a free ticket must donate $20 to SANDS, a charity organiz
CRACKEDCON COM Julianna Margulies's contract for The Good Wife says she has to be wearing a wig on the show. Without a wig, she'd need to spend 1-2 ho
Dustin Diamond hates being known as his well known character Screech from Saved By The Bell. CRAUA For every single mention of screech, promoters are
CRACKEDcO COM Arnold Schwarzenegger had a 'pay or play deal for Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines, meaning he would get $29.25 million whether the
CRACKEDCO Reese Witherspoon snagged the whole wardrobe from Legally Blonde 2. She went home with over 70 pairs of Jimmy Choos.
Jack Nicholson's contract for playing Joker in Batman entitled him to a percentage of the merchandise, TV showings, home video sales, sequels and more
Cameron Diaz made a fortune on Bad Teacher. nd Jems parent am''? audie? ils which de ? le of Mayco the Radle For playing the lead, she took a salary o
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