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One of the coolest things about being famous (we assume) is being able to demand whatever you want, when you show up somewhere. If it were us, we'd be demanding crazy sh*t, just non-stop.

Surprisingly, some celebrities look past that and add some objectively smart stipulations to their contracts. We asked our readers to find examples of that.

Entry by K. Haeg

As player-manager of the Cleveland Indians, Tris Speaker knew he needed to deal with star pitcher Ray Caldwell's fondness for partying. Speaker and Ca

Entry by Michael West

ke vide. FILA Frapd Former footballer f-christel Guie-Mien had a clause in his contract requiring his club, Eintracht Frankfurt, to pay for his wife's

Entry by Andrea Meno

CRACKEDCON COM Julianna Margulies's contract for The Good Wife says she has to be wearing a wig on the show. Without a wig, she'd need to spend 1-2 ho

Entry by PookieJones

CRACKEDCO Reese Witherspoon snagged the whole wardrobe from Legally Blonde 2. She went home with over 70 pairs of Jimmy Choos.

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