18 Seemingly Sci-Fi Places Here On Earth

Enjoy some sci-fi that isn't fi.
18 Seemingly Sci-Fi Places Here On Earth

There's a reason we have fiction, especially of the science/fantasy variety. It's to transport us out of the boring, real world and into fantastical realms that could never possibly exist. But what if you could scratch that same itch without (metaphorically) leaving the real world at all? Impossible, right?

Allow us to present some actual places in the actual, physical world that are literally surreal.

Yup, this looks just like colossus peeking out of a metal box. mao It's a building on France's Polygone Riviera, a big shopping district. Somehow, som
Habitat 67 looks like it could turn into a giant robot. It's a housing complex of 354 cubes connected by walkways, elevator pillars, futuristic halls,
18 Seemingly Sci-Fi Places Here On Earth
Want to see a rainforest 35 miles from Berlin? The Tropical Islands Resort is for you. The Resort is an enclosed dome that feels like a luxury biosphe
In Slab City, California, it feels like the apocalypse came and went. In the '60s, RV owners passing through the Colorado desert flocked to slabs left
South Africa's Mponeng gold mine is basically an underground dystopian slum. The 236 miles of tunnels in the 2.5-mile-deep mine (Earth's deepest) are
This walkway would be at home in a cyberpunk movie. Sitting on top of the ARoS Kunstmuseum building, it offers great views of the city of Aarhus, Denm
Hellish mines in bizarre terrain are a sci-fi staple. This one's real. Eastern Indonesia's Ijen Crater is an active volcano where cracks in the rocks
This isn't a hidden asteroid base, but an underground theme park. It's Salina Turda, a former Romanian salt mine that got turned into a tourist trap w
Brussels' Atomium is basically the perfect lair for an evil genius. It's a 335-foot-tall building, shaped like an iron molecule, that consists of mass
This building looks like it's using advanced cloaking technology. V But it's just really, really reflective. The building is Delaware State University
Canada's Sudbury Neutrino Observatory looks cooler than any supervillain science lab. Its neutrino detector (above) is deeper than a mile underground,
The Garden of Cosmic Speculation isn't an alien relic, but it might as well be. It's an obsessively crafted space whose every feature was based on the
If you want to see comic book buildings in real life, go to El Alto, SUSs Bolivia. Even their interiors have these bright colors, crisp lines, and sup
This is sci-fi artwork, right? Nope, it's a NASA photo of the 1,250-mile border wall between India and Pakistan. In their words, it's one of the few
A remote Arctic island hides a warehouse of the world's plant seed samples. You might expect that kind of thing in sci-fi about eco-catastrophes, but
Barcelona's Chapel Torre Girona looks like a Bond villain lair On the outside, it's just a plain chapel. But the inside houses the Barcelona Supercomp
This looks like a sci-fi superweapon, but it's what used to be the world's biggest diamond mine. This Siberian mine was blasted open in the 1950s with


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