Some things are sleek, streamlined, form elegantly following function. Not you. Your body and your brain are a jumble of repurposed parts and deprecated instincts, haphazardly put together by evolution while your ancestors were using them to stalk something, flee from something, or bone something. It's not a wonder that you're full of buttons that aren't supposed to be there, and that do stuff they shouldn't.

Sometimes, however, you can learn how to use those buttons to your advantage. Let us show you how to push a few:

Entry by CZM

BREAK DOWN BIG PROJECTS INTO BITE-SIZED PIECES. Taking on a huge task is daunting - it's far less discouraging to just start with one small, attainabl

Entry by dum-di-dum

CRACKEDGOM ROOT FOR YOURSELF. ONLY YOU CAN DO IT. Come on, you magnificent mofo, you've got this. It might seem silly, but research suggests that en

Entry by phuhknees

CRACKED COM A SORE Looking at an injury backwards through WILL binoculars So it HURT looks smaller tells LESS IF your brain it doesn't hurt so much. I
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