Life can appear to be a succession of huge occurrences designed to throw you off. Getting ready for school, Moving, Weddings, Having children, changing careers. But the truth is that most of us have had to deal with certain issues at some point in our lives.

The thing is, apparently safety deposit boxes are called that for a reason.  We've just been storing all of our cash under highly flammable mattresses for years.  Inflationary pressures aside, some of these wild examples are convincing us to potentially change our ways.  But heck, what do we know.  Sometimes natural disasters, curve balls and unforeseen emergencies are the impetus people require to clean up their act.

We asked our readers for advice on preparing for the big curveballs that are sure to come your way. Some of these tips are common sense that we should all probably adopt regardless of our circumstances, but some of them are just pure gold. Here's what they had to say to us.

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