Tips For Handling The BS Life Throws At You

How to be ready for the big stuff.
Tips For Handling The BS Life Throws At You

Life can appear to be a succession of huge occurrences designed to throw you off. Getting ready for school, Moving, Weddings, Having children, changing careers. But the truth is that most of us have had to deal with certain issues at some point in our lives.

The thing is, apparently safety deposit boxes are called that for a reason.  We've just been storing all of our cash under highly flammable mattresses for years.  Inflationary pressures aside, some of these wild examples are convincing us to potentially change our ways.  But heck, what do we know.  Sometimes natural disasters, curve balls and unforeseen emergencies are the impetus people require to clean up their act.

We asked our readers for advice on preparing for the big curveballs that are sure to come your way. Some of these tips are common sense that we should all probably adopt regardless of our circumstances, but some of them are just pure gold. Here's what they had to say to us.

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You can never foresee a disaster that might wreck your home. That's why you should always place all your important personal documents in an easy-to-ca
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Aboutto die? Gift all your assets to yOur family while you are still breathing. Inheritance tax may go up to 400/0 CRACE in some countries, while most
The storm surge is RRICANE often the SURGE STORM most ELEVATION dangerous part of CATEGORY 5 a hurricane. CATEGORY 4 A Category 2 hurricane can produc
When experiencing a sudden breakup, you should cut all contact and avoid stalking your ex on social media. Studies have shown that stalking has the po
Suppose you're in a car crash but don't feel pain. You're out of the woods now, right? Not necessarily. Many symptoms caused by car crashes don't show
You just got a job offer, but the salary is low. Should you negotiate? 0o Sometimes, they offer all they can, and sometimes they expect you to negotia
If you find yourself overboard and at risk of drowning, remembert that it's panic that will kill. SEATHE DEEPLY If you take deep breaths with quick ex
Don't wait for a Storm before frimming your frees and shrubs. Waiting until the last minute could mean your yard trimmings will still be sitting at th
If the cars in front of you crash, resist your instincts to slam on the brakes. The drivers behind you might not react fast enough to avoid crashing i
If you find out you're pregnant, start taking 400 mg of folic acid every day. Taking that in the early weeks of pregnancy lowers the chances of the ba
Buy a portable toilet now During an emergency,you will be amazed how fast your bathrooms become a no-go zone. CRACKEDco
Just delivered your first baby? Expect sweaty nights for a couple of weeks. After pregnancy, your body will try to flush excess fluids out of your sys
Did you get a speeding ticket for the first time? In many jurisdictions, first-time offenders can take a special no contest plea in which their fine
Some of your wedding expenses can be a tax write-off. You may be eligible for a tAX deduction if you donate leftovers, flowers, or the gown after the
When packing for a move, make sure to put together an essentials box and keep it in your car. Put in everything you'll need for the last night befor
Memorize your family cellphonet numbers If you are sent to jail, you will need to call someone to bail you out, but most of the time they won't let yo
Approximately 1,000 children get lostfor 60 minutes or more every day. You can prepare for this terrifying scenario by: 1. Outfitting your child in br
Don't try and avoid being served divorce papers. It's not true that the divorce can't proceed unless you accept the papers. If the court can't serve y
CRACKEDCO On the verge of CON bankruptcy? Do not use your retirement funds to pay off your existing debts, because they will be gone forever if you en
CRACKED CON Suspect you might get fired soon? Make sure you negotiate anything you want, like getting them to agree to say you weren't fired, in the m
Learn how to ride a bicycle now ELT You will not be able to count on public CRACKED.COM transportation during an emergency, and you can expect long li
When planning a budget for your new dog - from food to yearly shots - don't forget to add at least 20% for unexpected expenses. Dogs get sick, too, an
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