24 Scientific Ways to Influence People Without Saying a Word


Everyone wants to be a Jedi Master or Sith Lord or, if you're a Trekkie, an alien space magician or whatever. Well, we're here to help with that.

We reached out to one of our esteemed image manipulators, and asked her to help our audience channel their Darth. (When you're ruling the planet, don't forget about us!)

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Time of Day Affects Whether People Are Lying. According to a new study, people who are tired are more likely to lie, cheat, and act unethically. And i

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Mirroring=INSTNT RAPPORT. If you want to make connection d with Someone, try mirroring their expressions and gestures. Doing So will make the other pe

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IF you want someone to fallin love with you, aze into their eyes. A study conducted in 1989 determined that simple eye contact could make a person fal

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You Can Tell How Open or Closed a Person is by their Forehead. they have, and wrinkles the deeper they The more of an open person are, is to raise the

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Studies show that light-eyed people tend to drink more than their dark-eyed counterparts. GRAGKEDCON htollwuntedutssiclassimikel57o0leyecoloralcoholpd

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