Idiotic Things Our Readers Were Punished For

Anarchy is starting to look pretty good to us right now.
Idiotic Things Our Readers Were Punished For

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Rules exist to keep things from descending into chaos. Theoretically. But sometimes we suspect rules are slapped together by people who either have control issues or just didn't think things through. In order to test that theory, we asked our readers to tell us about bizarre things they got called on the carpet for, in some sort of professional or academic setting.

And they proved us right.

On the playground in first grade I heard my first swear word and, not knowing any better, asked the teacher what it meant. She angrily dragged me to t
I once worked in a flower bulb packing factory. My job was to seal each bag with two staples. One day, put three staples in a bag by mistake. The boss
CRACKEDC My fellow classmates and I showed up at the pre-determined time for our final exam, but our instructor never showed up. Days later the class
I once got chewed out by my boss for using too many exclamation points in my email. For the record, his idea of too many was one.
I got in trouble at work when my boss started to count how many times I went to the bathroom each day. But I only 1...2... ever went during lunch and
When I was working at a fast food place, a customer asked for a fresh order of fries, so I made them. My boss jumped on me for making new fries even t
I was once doing some work on a job site where the owner's dog was running loose. The dog peed on the carpet. I got blamed for the smell. CRACKEDOONT
CRACKEDCON Posting this educational bulletin board I made for work on Facebook got me a stern warning email and a conversation with my manager. TENTHI
I got in trouble with HR at my old workplace for cluttering my desk with pictures. w CC 0 wcw ww I only had two, and they weren't that big. They tol
When I was in middle school, I heard another student make a very crude, nasty sexual remark about a classmate. 0 reported him, only to get into troubl
I got fired 3 days after starting a job at a video/music store for CRAGN giving a $1.00 refund on a blank cassette tape a customer brought back, with
A colleague once reported me for disturbing him at work. F11 FO Mog B F6 F5 soMis FA n F3 Setup &. B P % 7 o 6 7 5 4 3 T 2 B E X W I G F D S I'd been
I Was scolded by my supervisor for always leaving work on timeo In my defense, I always reach the office 10 minutes early and always finished my work
Effort Great Well Done! In elementary school, I got in trouble after my teacher put a congratulatorys sticker on my shirt. My crime: I took the sticke
My elementary school teacher banned me from Computer Lab for a week because she was offended by the wallpaper on my machine. This class SUCKS !!!1! I'
CRACKED COM In middle school I got in trouble for erasing someone else's graffiti off of my desk. hert as AlcK The teacher didn't believe it wasn't mi
I got a verbal warning from HR for not observing casual Fridays. They said the management was trying to maintain a fun image. CRACKEDOON
CRACKED C COM A teacher got very angry at me because I didn't know her name. Bear in mind, I had just started at that school the day before.
My classmates passed notes during a test, and I was the one who got called into the principal's office... although I was the only one who did not chea
CRACKEDOON I was made to stand on a chair for a whole period as hment for correcting a teacher for saying my name wrong.
CRACKED co COM In middle school got detention for getting chased home by a bully after school. My teacher told me You have your role in this, too cb
I had a history teacher who was an aspiring standup comedian, and tried to teach his material through comedy routines. I got in trouble for not laughi
CRACKED OO Once at an outdoor event in High School, 0 was horsing around and wrestling with a friend. A teacher who had it out for me screamed at me,
CRACKEDG CON My mom once chewed me out because I got her fancy new shower curtain wet. By taking a shower.
GRACKEDon My boss yelled at me for damaging the company's image by relaxing where patrons could see me during my break. The only way I could have take
I was scolded by my superior on my first day at a new job for not bringing my personal laptop to work. I was given a totally empty desk, while the res
0 got in trouble for taking a photo inside Victoria's Secret. The store manager watched RIAT me delete the photo from my phone and asked me to leave t
1 WAS PUNISHED FOR MY DRAWING SKILLS When I was nine, I had to draw my house for an art class. The teacher thought the drawing looked like something o
When I Was in elementary school, my lunchbox was confiscated and my mom was called in to take it back. Sr Skate MP Roalty SIO BGT B 6 BART BKT They to
CRACKED COM My boss had me written up for wasting company time. OUT With all of my work done, I didn't have anything to do. My boss told me You can't
0 was once chewed out at a retail job for being 15 minutes late during an active blizzard. CRACKEDOON
CRACKEDOON On the first week at a new job, I got called in to HR because a colleague reported me for placing my meat-based lunch next to their vegan f
In 7th grade was sent to the principal's office because my teacher thought I was too sad. I got a lecture and a threat of lunchroom clean-up if I didn
Searching the web for a soda bottle got me a trip to the Human Resources office. Not because I was using my PC for personal SMARE A Coke use. Tina We
A senior coworker berated me for not making coffee for the whole office simply because I'm a woman. It wasn't in my job description, and I don't even
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