Out Of Nowhere Dark Moments In Movies & Shows

It’s a wonder there aren’t a ton more costumed vigilantes.
Out Of Nowhere Dark Moments In Movies & Shows

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We've come to expect dark origin stories from vigilantes and dark antiheroes. What we don't expect are weirdly creepy aspects of mainstream, otherwise upbeat characters and movies.

Moments like:

Rocket Raccoon's comment about unethical experiments on animals makes more sense if you read the comics. Guardians of the Galaxy His ancestors were ba
CRACKEDCON Goku When Goku was a little boy, he accidentally killed his adoptive grandfather Gohan, leaving him to take care of himself.
CRACKEDcO Pinocchio nocchio That scene where Lampwick transforms into a donkey traumatized me so much I didnt see the rest of the movie until years la
In One Coarse Meal, Plankton C blows up the Krusty Krab on a quest to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula. When Pearl arrives, Plankton panics and
I couldn't rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The nightclub carnage in the two-part pilot reminded me too much of the mass shootings in Paris and Orlan
Out Of Nowhere Dark Moments In Movies & Shows
BABAA As a child, the Elephant King witnesses his mother get shot to death by a hunter. CRACKED OONNI
Out Of Nowhere Dark Moments In Movies & Shows
CRACKEDCO COM THE GOONieS The Fratellis want to force a confession out of Chunk... ...SO they try to stick the boy's hand into a blender.
Anything crawling on a ceiling with its head on backwards would be extremely creepy... ...but the zombie-looking baby on the ceiling in TRAINSPOTTING
In The a M k an wel evar dapn Rugrats Movie, an exciting adventure brings Tommy Pickles and his new baby brother Dil closer together. Of course, befor
Out Of Nowhere Dark Moments In Movies & Shows
LAMPON'S Clark Griswold VACATON dragging a dog to his CRAG death.... is fully played for laughs in the '80s' John Hughes classic. Clark can barely con
TOY STORY 2 Woody's nightmare scene scared me SO much that I refused to watch the rest of the movie. I only watched the whole thing after being assure
Out Of Nowhere Dark Moments In Movies & Shows
CHICKEN RUN There's a lot of fun stuff in this movie but there's also the horrible, protracted death of a chicken named Edwina.
Seinfeld Although it was just a dream, the scene in The Baby Shower where Jerry is shot to death is horrific for a sitcom.
In PRINCE SS THE BRIDE Wesley and Buttercup are so sweet together. Except for the scene where he almost smacks her across the face and tells her that
Out Of Nowhere Dark Moments In Movies & Shows
Out Of Nowhere Dark Moments In Movies & Shows
BUTTERFLYEFFECT I I was expecting a trippy sci-fi movie, but it turned out to be the stuff of nightmares. I'll never get over one of Tommy's revenge a
PPokemov When Jessie was little, her mother disappeared and she was put into a foster home. Jessie was sometimes forced to eat snow because the foster
CRACL According to an official book... Jake Blues was Elwood Blues the son of a was abandoned woman in prison at a newspaper for murdering stand. her
Huey, Dewey, and Louie are pretty much abandoned by their mother Della Duck. The reason? Their dad is admitted to the hospital after getting injured i
J. Jonah Jameson grew up with his stepfather, who abused his mother and him all the time. He was a war veteran and decorated officer, and nobody suspe
MADMAX COMA FURY ROAD tHe DOOF WaRRTor was discovered in a cave with his murdered mother's severed head as his only company. Now he pays respect to he
Remember the castle tower that Shrek rescued Fiona from? She was locked in there on Christmas Eve when she was 7, and spent the next 20 years inside.
Your childhood memories might include Thomas and his friends having fun adventures. But do you remember Henry? He refused to leave his tunnel, SO he w
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