18 Adult Lessons Tucked Into Famous Kids' Shows

Of course people who create content for children take extra care that they're sending a good message, right?
18 Adult Lessons Tucked Into Famous Kids' Shows

Young minds are fairly impressionable. With this in mind, of course people who create content for children take extra care that they're sending a good message, right?

Well ... not quite. Our readers pulled together, for better or worse, some messages from over the years that we never knew were there. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

If you bully and sexually harass someone long enough... c..eventulally they'll give in and mrarry You CRACKEDCONT
Thomas and Friends inhabit a hierarchical dystopia where utility is everything and self-importance, ambition and initiative lead to failure and humili
According to iCarly it's totally cool if a couple of 13-14 yo kids run a web show with barely adult supervision... L mean, they used to have THOUSANDS
MEN ARE PIGS. Men obsessed are stupid, unhygienic, smelly, and with mindless violence, and they objectify women based on what they look like and how g
Want Lo Destroy: the Environmenl? No Problem. Well Live in the Sky Welcome to The Jetsons. Everyone in Orbit City lives far above the earth in elevate
LOVE OEANS NEVER AVINE Yo SAp. POU'RE EAfiNg op FRIENDS. Ariel knows that fish sing and dance and talk and love, under the sea. Her best friend is a
Dance Your Cares Away! Unless you were born a Doozer. f you're a Doozer work your ass off making buildingst the Fraggles will eat.
Remember Kids! People will love and praise you no matter WHAT hideous deformity you may have! Y'know, just as long as that deformity is useful in some
BE HAPPY, OR ELSE. The Care Bears monitor all the children of the world to make sure they always think happy thoughts. When they encounter a person wh
worry about taking Don't of your pets, kids. care IF they die. they'll just turn into happy little ghosts.
Gives up everything she knew and changes herself completely in hopes of getting the man of her dreams. So basically lie about who you are and where yo
Karon the chickon is on She's exactly what thoy're NICKTOONS her way to a job intorviow looking for Dony Try KAREN
In the 1940's, children's author Dr. Seuss created a series of World War II propaganda cartoons for the New York daily newspaper PM. WHAT HAVE YOU DON
RACKEDOON There's cruelty to childhood there's a an anger. And I not want to reduce Max to the tri te of the good little boy that you find in too man
According to Peter Pan, Native Americans have a reddish hue to their skin because the first Native American prince blushed after being kissed by a gir
Miss Martian from Young Justice This is what she actually looks like She keeps it and a Secret refuses to Is with a shapeshifter this preferred form a
Ugly Prely people people ATe Are Evil Good CRACKED COM

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