Life Hacks We Think Are Pretty Darn Boss

Sometimes the outside-the-box solutions are the most elegant.
Life Hacks We Think Are Pretty Darn Boss

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It's always the little things that make daily life harder. Here's a collection of tips for making life's minor annoyances less annoying. Granted, some of these are unconventional, but that's why you didn't think of them on your own.

Keep dryer sheets in your shoes overnight. AID Softener sheets are good to soften the offensiveness of your footwear's smell.
Life Hacks We Think Are Pretty Darn Boss
CRACKEDcO Quickly multiply by nine with your hands. Do you need to multiply nine times, say, seven? With your hands in front of you, put down your sev
CRACKED 0000O 00000 000000 Do you have to fly? Then fly in the morning. The air will be smoother than later in the day, making for a less bumpy flight
CRACKED Oh, no! You got a run in your stockings! Don't panic! Dab some clear nail polish on both ends of the run to stop it from growing bigger.
CRACKEDCO Squeeze an empty plastic bottle. Shouldn't there be an easy way to separate an egg yolk from the white? 2 Touch it to the yolk. 3 Release.
CRACKEDCO Putting your car remote control under your chin extends its range. Use your head as an antenna.
Is your tool rusty? Soak it overnight in vinegar and salt, then clean it and dry it. Good as new! *We mean an actual tool, not that tool of yours. Don
You always have a calendar on hand. 31 31 31 31 31 31 Jan Mar May Jul Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr Jun Sep Nov 28 30 30 30 30 29 You can try to remember the rh
Boost your wi-fi signal with beer! Drink the beer. 2 Clean and cut the can. 3Enjoy Enjoy your drunk web surfing!
Remove the pen's spring. Use an old ballpoint pen to prevent cable breakage. 2 Twist the spring around the cable. CRACKEDC
Stripped screw hole in wood? Fix it with a match. Break a matchstick inside the hole. 2 Screw into the matchstick. CRACKED
Do you want to know if an alkaline battery is fresh? Just drop it. If it bounces If there's a pep little, or not at in its step, it's all, it's fresh.
Life Hacks We Think Are Pretty Darn Boss
CRACKED.COM Your headphones can double as microphones in a hurry. You can use your headphones (or speakers) as a makeshift microphone. Just plug them
X Did you accidentally close a browser tab? With some major browsers, pressing SHIFT + CTRL + T will restore the last tab you closed. Tab OWERT Y U Ca
CRACKED.COM REAGAN BUSH Blow your stickers away. If a sticker or decal is too clingy, heat it with a hair dryer for one or two minutes.
Your phone can end a sentence for you. Tapping the space key twice in a row will: O put a period, 2 2 add a space, and 3 capitalize the next letter. S
Ink stains don't need to be forever. Spray WD-40 on ink and wash it away easily. CRACKED.COM
Make your own ice pack. Put a water-soaked sponge in a Ziploc bag. 2 Zip up the bag and freeze it.
lle Home insert Draw Design Layout References Get rid of those pesky fonts and colors. When copying something from the internet, try using Shift + Ctr
Don't get cold (and wet) feet! Coat your leather footwear with petroleum jelly to temporarily waterproof them.
CRACKED.COM Don't throw silica gel packets away! GEL Toss them into THROW drawers, boxes, AWAY to instrument NOT EATT cases, and anywhere else -DESICA
In an emergency, you can charge your phone with a car charger and a g-volt battery. Metal object Side contact
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