History is a fickle thing. And sometimes, actually a lot of the time, movies bend and twist it and shape it to their needs. History made easy! Doing so solves some problems, but it also causes others. Like nobody wants to see a guy wearing a wristwatch in a medieval battle scene - that's fun for a second but then you begin to wonder: if they didn't give a crap about that, what other stuff don't they care about. 

And then you begin to wonder why you're even watching this thing in the first place so you shut it off and go to McDonald's. Ok, maybe that's not you, but that's definitely us.

So yeah, movies are make-believe, and can be set in literally any reality. So when filmmakers decide to set their creations in the real world, you'd think they'd be careful about getting their history right. And yet, somehow, they're constantly including historically-impossible details in their creations.

Details like:

Entry by Lunachick71

DJANGO LI  N  D  H A IN ED Django is cool. So cool, in fact, that he wore sunglasses 70 years before they were introduced in the late 1920s.

Entry by Scarin

In 1955, Marty plays a Gibson ES-345-which entered production in 1958. Looks like the DeLorean was prepared for a rock 'n' roll emergency. l BACY TO F

Entry by Adogg1991

CRACKED COM AVIATOF THE Howard Hughes was truly a man ahead of his time. He orders chocolate chip cookies in a scene set in 1928, ten years before the

Entry by Rutledal

INDANA ATONES and the KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL The mandatory Indiana Jones traveL BELIZE map includes Belize in 1957. Belize was called British Ho

Entry by whoiswillo

Modern bananas didn't exist in the 1700s. PIRATES of The CARIBBEAN THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL They were created through selective breeding in the 18

Entry by Agent Spiff

CRACKEDG COM Characters walk past Pinnacle Rock in the Galapagos Islands in the early 19th century. This rock got its shape when the U.S. military use

Entry by Adogg1991

CRACKEDCO COM ROBIN HOod PRINCE OF THIEVES Robin of Locksley uses a telescope in the 1100s - even though telescopes wouldn't be invented until the 160

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