24 Famous Villains Whose Actions Don't Add Up, Period

Is making no sense part of the evil plan?
24 Famous Villains Whose Actions Don't Add Up, Period

Everyone loves a good villain, but sometimes they're so fun and/or evil, we don't notice how little sense they make. And as it turns out, when you take an objective look at famous movie and TV bad guys, they break the rules of their own universes a staggering amount of the time. Or worse, they stop making any sense whatsoever.

For example ...

The Architect observes all of the Matrix at all times, even reading Neo's mind. The Matrix: Reloaded (2003) Yet he never notices Smith infecting all o
X2, In to protect the mutants, MAGNETO tries to kill all humans. But, even with superpowers, how many mutants could survive a world in which 99% of th
24 Famous Villains Whose Actions Don't Add Up, Period
In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos uses the Infinity Gauntlet to kill half of all life in the Universe to save it from overpopulation. But that wouldn'
MARVEL STUDIOS CAPTAIN MARVEL Yon-Rogg's manipulative scheme depends entirely on Carol Danvers not finding out about her past identity. And what does
At the end of Alien: Resurrection, the bad-guy scientists have all been cocooned by the Alien Queen. But why? This queen doesn't need human incubators
CRACKEDcO In Star Trek: Into Darkness, Admiral Marcus is in cahoots with Khan in the construction of USS Vengeance. Surely he wouldn't do something as
Scar had no reason to enter into a permanent alliance with the hyenas. cRAth Disney LIONKING THE da0o He needed outside mercenaries for one job. Then,
CRACKEDCON So Jabba the Hutt knows that Chewbacca is mighty. He nows that with the money Han Solo's earned working for the rebels, Han has to be wor
Matilda's Ms. Trunchbull hates children with a passion. 1 2 1 So why on Earth did she become principal of an elementary school?? CRACKED COM
In the Watchmen movie, Ozymandias stages an attack on all major cities worldwide by Dr. Manhattan to stop the coming USA/USSR war. Dr. Manhattan is
Kilgrave claims that he painstakingly chooses his words to avoid accidental mind control. JESSICA VUNES Yet he makes rookie mistakes. Like when he tel
Swiper makes DORR no sense. He only swipes things the explorer that have no real value, and when he gets themhe just throws them away. What are you do
CRACKEDCO JOHNWICK Viggo Tarasov knows John Wick's potential as a killer, and realizes that he is pretty much screwed when his son kills Wick's dog. B
Hades He has a from potion that Disney's turns gods mortal. Hercules. Only uses it on a baby. He could have ruled Olympus after just a few spiked drin
Prince Humperdinck plans his marriage to Buttercup for no reason other than to murder her and prouoke a war. He's neuer shown to have any feelings tow
Sideshow Bob; smart enough to plot a gas explosion and make it look like an accident... ...dumb enough ...that Won't to subsequently net him obsess an
How exactly does Pleasure Island stay in business? Pinocchio They're paying a sack of gold for a few dozen boys, then turning them into donkeys by let
Poppy tries to legalize her cartel by poisoning her drugs, and then blackmailing the president CRAG of the United States with the antidote. Kingsman T
CRACKEDC COM PIRATES ofthe CARIBBEAN TE CURSE OE THE BLACK PEARL If the crew of the Black Pearl hasn't been able to eat for 10 years, why did they bot
Blofeld kills his father, fakes his death, and creates a criminal enterprise all so he could torture James Bond, his adopted brother. JAveS BON SPECTR
Sebastian Shaw wants to establish MUTANT SUPERIORITY by starting a nuclear war between the U.S. and the USSR. XMEN FIRST CLASS Sure, a nuclear war cou
Jafar never needed to disguise himself to make Aladdin get the genie lamp for him. He could have just gone to Aladdin as himself and promised the desp
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