32 Movies and TV Shows with Seemingly Hidden Messages

We’re not imagining things, right?
32 Movies and TV Shows with Seemingly Hidden Messages

Do you ever feel like Hollywood is trying to beam some subtle (or not-so-subtle) message directly into your brain? Like behind all those lens flares and pew-pew-pews, theres actually some subliminal manipulation going on? We do. And the crazy thing is, were not sure its always deliberate. We asked our readers to show us their unexpected takeaways from popular movies and shows. And then we all put our tinfoil hats back on.

AT THE END OF SOLO, HAN ISN'T CHOOSING TO BE THE HERO- HE'S JUST DEPRESSED. He doesn't give away the fuel because he believes in the Rebellion; he giv
I view THE WITCH as a fable about the dangers of blind rellglous fanaticism. A rellglous dispute drives the family from their home. Their faith is oft
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Reginald Hargreeves hides Vanya's uncontrollable power, keeps it supressed and constantly tells her that she'll never amount to a
He is getting mugged! CRACKED OON Well, let's hope we don't cover him. The Incredibles is often mistaken for having an Ayn-Rand-esque message, but it
CRACKED COM In The Hunger Games, the villains are foppish, effete urbanites who dictate the rules for the majority. Our heroine is a brave, selfless g
BABYDRIVER isn't just an action movie, it's a story of redemption. Baby's struggle against the fallout resulting from his decision to quit his life of
In Contagion, I witnessed the deaths of millions of people due to the MEV-1 virus, and how the lies of a blogger could Speed up societal collapse in t
Shows like these have taught me that it's okay to embrace my inner darkness... Kills Serial Killers Br 35 eaking Bad DEXTER Manufactures Drugs BRAD MO
TOY IS ABOUT STORY REJECTING 2 IMMORTALITY. When Woody is injured, he is confronted for the first time with the fact that his time is limited, and he
Seinfeld was famously described as a show about nothing and, in a way, I think that's true... My whole life has been a complete waste of time - Ge
FULL METAL JACKET Do I want to get mistreated and bullied to the point of being suicidal? a JJOIN THE MARINES.
Despite the supernatural elements, to me the first season of True Detective was about the evil inside us. Cohle defeats the very human child murderer
In the very last episode of Desperate Housewives, the four lead characters move out of Wisteria Lane and live happily ever after. Wisteria Lane repres
The Starks in Game of Thrones are defined by their strong loyal family bonds. While the villain families such as the Lannisters have severely corrupte
DRAGOXBAW Cell Saga is about the danger of extremes to me. Vegeta's love of battle leads to him letting Perfect Cell endanger the world. But Gohan's r
I see Groundhog Day as a rejection of the pick-up artist mentality. When Phil tries to seduce Rita in a methodical, calculating way, like a researcher
A group that includes someone with no brain, someone with no courage and someone with no heart is lost in a colorful, dangerous land. The Hangover is
In Captain America: The First Avenger, I learnt that: It doesn't matter how insignificant I am, because with hard work and determination, I can achiev
My takeaway from THE LION KING Good or evil Hard-working or lazy Smart or incompetent The most important thing to becoming ruler of an entire CRACKED.
DEADPOOL Thinking about Deadpool, who was relentlessly tortured by Ajax, I'm reminded of how tragedy plays a large role in the lives of a lot of comed
A L I/ E N In the Alien franchise humans keep coming into close contact with a divine race of men (The Engineers) and it is alluded to that they creat
The Mask makes a lot of sense as an allegory about drinking and taking drugs on nights out. Drugs and alcohol give you confidence and coolness out of
A common criticism of the Star Wars prequels is that the Jedi don't live up to the image of wise and benevolent knights as spoken of in the original t
00 MINORITY If REPORT has taught me anything, it's that no matter what great thing mankind creates- corrupt government officials will abuse and ruin i
CRACKED C COM INGL URIOUS BASTERDS After watching The Basterds give up their cover by simply opening their mouths during the movie premiere... I reali
In Coraline, a child resents her parents. Other adults notice this, and catch her attention with treats. They ask her to do something with her body th
CRACKEDoO In Harry Potter, newspapers spread lies, and kids who dig deeper find out the truth. YOU HAVE THIS SEEN WIZARD? 390 UNDESIRABLE Noll HARRY P
In the Twilight films, the wolf pack are Native Americans while their adversaries, the vampires, are European in their appearance. It's a twist on the
To me, the 80s and '90s Batman movies feel like a warning against the dangers of capitalism. In each one, a person is turned into a supervillain beca
Sam is betrayed and murdered by men. But he's loved and listened-to by women. I see Ghost as a film that celebrates women and denounces toxic masculin
With brilliant characters being mocked, and the street smart character being admired for changing them, I feel like The Big Bang Theory is trying to c
Neo finds strength in rejecting a lie from the world that suppresses his core identiy. Smith is the voice of that world, even insistently deadnaming N
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