15 Things Movies & TV Think They Know (But They Don't)

Not only are these actors unskilled, they’re bad at pretending they know the skill.
15 Things Movies & TV Think They Know (But They Don't)

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Movies are stacked with experts, such as elite warriors, master craftsmen, great chefs, etc. Which got us wondering how often those so-called experts are doing their thing completely wrong. So we asked our readers to find us some actual experts, and fact-check the hacks Hollywood shows us onscreen.

We gave cash to the best debunking, and some to the runners-up as well.

ALL VALLEY KARATE CHAMPIONBHHP SEMI-FINALS FINALS ALL VALLEY CHAMPIOK CEFEREE The Crane Kick from The Karate Kid isn't a real move from the martial ar
CRACKEDo COM CONTAGION Upon discovering that the person she is talking to on the phone is showing signs of viral infection, Dr Erin Mears rushes to hi
Movie swordfighters do a lot Of parrying, light jabbing, chatting, and dancing around. Medieval swordfights were brutal, rapid fire, close-range hack-
15 Things Movies & TV Think They Know (But They Don't)
Bad Boys features police officers Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett picking at a murder victim's corpse with bare hands. Firstly, they're supposed to be
NDAOU Hawkeye would miss shot in real life. every Clint Hawkeye Barton is only the greatest archer in the MCU because it's easy to make CGI arrows g
15 Things Movies & TV Think They Know (But They Don't)
In movies, even people who work with guns professionally run around with their fingers right on the trigger. THEE SHIELD In real life, this is terribl
Emmett Doc CRACKEDO COM Brown's plutonium management solution was the ol' rubber-gloves and djar-O'-water. In reality, scientists don't even get in
15 Things Movies & TV Think They Know (But They Don't)
The insufferably smart Dr. Brennan from Bones tells Booth that his parietal lobe can't have anything to do with his poor marksman skills. In real-life
In movies, snipers are usually badasses who work solo. But real-life snipers always work with spotters, because spotters carry scopes more powerful th
During the plane crash scene in Cast Away, a pilot puts an oxygen mask on Tom Hanks' character before he puts it on himself. While it's nice of him, p
CRACKED COM As 'experts' they should've known not to wear gloves when handling an old and brittle document. The correct protocol is to wash hands, not
Movie boxers drop their hands from their face all the time (letting you see the actorl's face). Real-life boxers don't, because if they aren't shieldi
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