18 Eyebrow-Arching Celeb Relatives


Have you or a loved one suffered from “middle-child syndrome?” Do you feel like you find yourself stuck and can’t get out from under the shadow of your show-off brother or sister, all through school? Do people not even call you by your name and just elect to refer to you as So and So’s sibling? Luckily, for most of us, this phenomenon phases out with age. But for those who happen to be in celebrity families, it can become a lifelong affliction with no escape in sight.

As a public service, we've collected these celebrity relatives who are relatively unknown, but are living interesting, fame-worthy lives. Sure, they may not be Oscar nominated actresses or globally renowned martial artists, but they still have something to bring to the table every Thanksgiving. And who knows, with their diverse assortment of talents, they would probably be well-known, if it weren't for their spotlight-hogging relatives.

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