17 Special Effects So Good Nobody Noticed

17 Special Effects So Good Nobody Noticed

Special effects are a delicate balance in the world of cinema.  Undoubtedly one of the biggest draws to modern motion pictures, special effects teams must walk a fine line. Special effects that are too modern, slick or clean looking can leave films looking uniform and artificial, leaving audiences hungering for the days of animatronics and models.  On the other hand, special effects that are too obviously low budget can make an otherwise great film look downright ridiculous.

To top it off, it's pretty much a given that after a couple of years, a movie's special effects will look like cheesy garbage. But every now and then, movie and TV effects are so well done, they always look fantastic.

So, we figured we ought to tip our hats to movies and TV shows that really got things right.  Here are some impressive, under appreciated visuals that have held up so well, you probably forgot they were even effects.

Entry by Maclise

17 Special Effects So Good Nobody Noticed
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