34 Celebs Who Secretly Voiced Animated Characters

34 Celebs Who Secretly Voiced Animated Characters

Have you ever sat down, watched your favorite cartoon, heard a character talk and thought, “Wait, that kinda sounds like… Nah, it couldnt be.” Then after you pause the show and check IMDb, you found out that your ears werent deceiving you and that was Kathy Bates.

The wonderful thing about animation is that it can bring in some surprising guest stars to do a voice with little fanfare, making it a fun reveal once you hear it in the theater or on your TV. I mean, who knew that Rugrats and Die Hard had something in common? Or that a pro wrestler was in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Thanks to Cracked readers and Tomkat53, we have compiled 34 of the most surprising voice-acting cameos from over the years.

Entry by Kevin King

Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Kline is the voice of Mr. Fischoeder in Bob's Burgers. hulle CRaCKEDcom

Entry by mrlarry

90's tv series Twin Peaks was a major influence on the Disney Channel animated series Gravity Falls, which is why creator Alex Hirsch contacted Agent Cooper himself, Kyle MacLachlan,, to play the Bus Driver in the series finale The role was only 3 lines long

Entry by Seoul4Yena

HAYDEN PANETTIERE KAIRI IN KINGDOM HEARTS PRINCESS DOT IN A BUGS LIFE FAIRY PRINCESS WILLOW IN SCOOBY-DOO AND THE GOBLIN KING The Nashville star has lent her voice to a few animated productions and games since an early age. It seems she likes plaging the role of a princess! CRACKED.OON
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