25 IRL Things That Were Totally Predicted By Pop Culture

When entertainment doubles as divination.
25 IRL Things That Were Totally Predicted By Pop Culture

Movies, TV, and books portray some pretty wildly implausible scenarios, which is their job. We don't give them our money to be reminded of real life. But it turns out pop culture has accidentally hit the nail on the head more times than you'll believe.

We predict you'll find the following pop culture moments oddly prescient.

CRACKEDGOR In Airplane Il, airport scanners show the passengers naked. .T A IS A CRIME TO CARRY CONCEALED WEAPON RSAR ARCRAFT SAFETY Surely you can't
25 IRL Things That Were Totally Predicted By Pop Culture
A comic book foretold Pearl Harbor. National Comics #18 depicted an air assault on Pearl Harbor. It was released in November 1941- one month before th
An artist designed the Mars Face on Earth. In 1947, Isamu Noguchi envisioned a huge earth sculpture intended to be visible from Mars. In 1976, it look
The heat ray from The War of the Worlds is becoming a reality. The U.S. Navy is already using directed energy weapons, like the Martians in H. G. Well
A comedy show predicted when the Berlin Wall would fall. In 1969, Laugh-In reported a piece of news from the future about the Berlin Wall being torn d
H. G. Wells wrote about air warfare before it was a thing. The War in the Air, written in 1907, anticipated the horror of air bombings. The war comes
Jules Verne nailed several things about Moon missions. In From the Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon, both written 100 years before actual Moon mi
CRACKEDCO Frank Zappa talked about digital music downloads in 1989. In his autobiography, Zappa proposed a novel music distribution system: We propos
Brave New World has in vitro fertilization. Aldous Huxley's novel described the process 46 years before Louise Brown, the first test tube baby, was
CRACKED CON A character in Fahrenheit 451 wears AirPods. Back in 1953, when headphones were big, clunky things, Ray Bradbury described wireless earbud
CRACKED COM YARD WORK SIMULATOR The Simpsons made a Farmville joke years before Farmville. Wouldn't it be silly if people pretended to tend to plants
CRACKEDGOM Pi.Net MLesse emter and phme: mss iatey Sandra Bullock ordered pizza online in 1995. Back when the web was a new plaything, The Net thrille
CRACKED amazonkindle The Hitchhiker's Guide DON'T to the Galaxy PANIC revolves around an ebook. In Douglas Adams' radio series and subsequent novel, w
CRACKEDcO Captain Kirk used a cellphone long before e you did. Your phone no longer has a flip top (probably), but William Shatner as Kirk still beat
0.27 Famard Colhionv Warring James Bond had amenndt GPS in the '60s. 537 2:135 SAMMIN 007 always used futuristic gadgets - like the positioning system
The Nautilus had some features of today's submarines. The boat in 000 Leagues Under the Sea, published in 1870, could stay underwater for long periods
Morgan Robertson wrote about the Titanic in 1898. That year, Robertson published The Wreck of the Titan: or, Futility, a novel about a huge ocean line
25 IRL Things That Were Totally Predicted By Pop Culture
CRACKED.COM Chappelle's Show predicted History Channel's Gangland. In 2003, audiences laughed at Dave Chappelle's skit that had the History Channel co
The West Wing predicted the 2008 presidential election. A nonwhite Democratic legislator defeated an old-school Republican senator in fiction in 2006.
The astronauts in 2001: A Space Oddyssey use iPads. Early in the movie, the characters watch a news broadcast on what looks a lot like a pair of table
Roger Ebert In a 1987 interview, saw Netflix Ebert described what we coming back recognize in today the as video 80s. streaming. We will have high- d
IRobot Hocrna CLEAN The Jetsons had roombas. The future in the 1960s wasn't so different from our present, complete with video chat, flat-screen TVs,
25 IRL Things That Were Totally Predicted By Pop Culture
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