26 WTF Pop Culture Stats That Can't Be Right (But Are)

26 WTF Pop Culture Stats That Can't Be Right (But Are)

There's a lot in the zeitgeist we all take for granted. Because of that, it's easy to miss how jaw-droppingly huge a lot of entertainment has become. And it's not until you look at the actual numbers that you realize what juggernauts they actually are. And if we're learned anything on Cracked, well…it's a lot, if we're being honest. Have you looked at this site? We cover a lot of beats. A lot of beats outside the mainstream. All to bring interesting facts to you, our loyal readers. 

Anyway, if we've learned one thing, it's that numbers are insane. Our high school trig teachers could've told you that, but we've not talking about sine, cosine, and tangent here. We're not solving for X. We taking a little gander at the stat behind some of the world's biggest pop culture, and we are scratching our heads and going “huh? really?” 

For example ...

Entry by Maclise

Collectively, mankind has spent 6 million years playing World of Warcraft. 10 15- A 50 20 45 eenr 25 30 O 35 That's about as long as we've spent evolv
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