26 WTF Pop Culture Stats That Can't Be Right (But Are)

We defy you to wrap your brain around these numbers.
26 WTF Pop Culture Stats That Can't Be Right (But Are)

There's a lot in the zeitgeist we all take for granted. Because of that, it's easy to miss how jaw-droppingly huge a lot of entertainment has become. And it's not until you look at the actual numbers that you realize what juggernauts they actually are. And if we're learned anything on Cracked, well…it's a lot, if we're being honest. Have you looked at this site? We cover a lot of beats. A lot of beats outside the mainstream. All to bring interesting facts to you, our loyal readers. 

Anyway, if we've learned one thing, it's that numbers are insane. Our high school trig teachers could've told you that, but we've not talking about sine, cosine, and tangent here. We're not solving for X. We taking a little gander at the stat behind some of the world's biggest pop culture, and we are scratching our heads and going “huh? really?” 

For example ...

Rheumatold Arthritis: Jane Lvnch Talks About 90% Of Game of Cory Mo Returh To Rehab Thrones's viewers did it illegally. GAMEOF THRONES GAMEOF THRONES
There are 2.2 billion active gamers in the world but 65% of gaming companies employ less than 100 people. A total of 15% have 2-5 employees, while 19%
the office accounts for a whopping SEVEN PERCENT of all streaming on NETFLIX
One out of every 13 tourists visiting South Korea in 2017 was there because of K-pop boy band BTS. Their impact on the South Korean economy each year
CRACKED The number of people searching for flights from the US to Norway tripled after the release of Frozen, an animated film that takes place in loc
CRACKED c COM PewDiePie has 96 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 118 SUB 2 PEW DIE PIE If he were a nation, he'd rank as the sixteenth most
The largest comic book collection can be found at the Library of Congress. L1G6GN ITHIRIT The library holds over 6,000 titles of comic books, with a t
Minutes after the finale of M.A.S.H., 6.7 million gallons of water surged through the Big Apple's sewer. C0ODEE One million New Yorkers held their pee
CRACKEDG COM The number of attendees to concerts featuring video game music is now twice as many as the more traditional concerts like Bach or Beethov
The overall swiping distance traveled by the fingers of Candy Crush users on a daily basis is 71,458 miles. 35 30 Glear I the jellyf Cand CUsH That's
The Chandler Bing-ing of America refers to how FRIENDS has innovated how Americans talk. Let me think: let me think. Oh, I donptcare. A study found
Game of Thrones brought F240 million ($300 million) worth of business to Northern lreland. Filming the hit show in the region not only increased visit
A Czech Republic Lego Model Shop made a 5.3 million brick Star Wars X-Wing, the largest Lego model ever built. Weight: 23 tons Wingspan: 44 feet Time:
CRACKED CON WAILING woods FORTNITE players searched for one game-related item per second on eBay in 2018. DUSTY DEPOT eBay also reported a 35% increas
CRACKED C 123 SESAME STREET The show has won 189 Emmys. That's enough to give four to every US President in history.
In 2015, only 54 percent of users on Tinder were single. to 5earch < Back 11:05 76% X tinder Tinder Tinder 0O inc.> Users who were married, in a relat
As of June 2019, Despacito by Luis Fonsi ranks as the most watched Youtube video with over 6 billion views. DESPACITO The second most watched video
The gaming industry is bigger than the film and music industry combined. In 2018, the gaming industry earned a revenue of $137.9 billion, compared to
In 2017, 15% of searches on Google were things that had never been searched before. Google cat memes Google Search I'm Feeling Lucky To put that into
I1ARRY POTTER ROWLING J. K. HARRY HALIC HARRY POTTEP DEATHIY THE POTTER AND the Deathly Hallow Every fifteenth human owns a Harry Potter book. CRACKED
The Cars franchise generated $8 billion in merchandise in the first five years after the original movie's release. Over that period, over 200 million
370/ of all games sold on Steam are never played. BIOSHOCK Now With IN INTL Trading Cards Colloct the trading cardstocrat rmwnnde 1 Daris: -50% Leam m
Build-A-Bear Workshop saw a spike in sales during the first quarter of 2019 with an increase from $1.2m to $84.4m. Build-A-Bear Workshop CEO, Sharon P
Collectively, mankind has spent 6 million years playing World of Warcraft. 10 15- A 50 20 45 eenr 25 30 O 35 That's about as long as we've spent evolv
CRACKEDDO Chernobyl, HBO'S miniseries that became overnight the highest rated show on IMDb, significantly boosted Chernobyl (Ukraine) tourism. Tour ag
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