26 Famous Photos And Their Backstories

26 Famous Photos And Their Backstories

There are certain photos that are iconic and recognizable, and have become well-known cultural touchstones. But as it turns out, some of those well-known images have virtually unknown backstories. And some of them have even been heavily edited. Which is saying something, in the pre-Photoshop era.

For example ...

Entry by AM Smiley

No, photos like this don't prove that Marilyn Monroe was a size 16. We know from her clothes that she was a size 8 for most of her career, and never e

Entry by Quo

CRACKED COM This inspirational iceberg never existed. Part of the iceberg was photographed in Alaska, and the rest in Antarctica. In all, four separat

Entry by PandaPoo

Mussolini wanted this photo all to himself. The fascist dictator didn't look heroic enough with a guy handling his horse- so the guy was edited out. C

Entry by Kanklefest

These workers were only pretending to take a break. It was part of a promotional photo shoot. The potential 840-feet fall with no safety harnesses was
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