25 Eyebrow Arching Stats About Fictional Worlds

Think math is boring? Hold our beer.
25 Eyebrow Arching Stats About Fictional Worlds

It takes a lot of time, imagination, and talent to create a story, so imagine how much of all of that takes to create a whole new universe of stories? One of the most engaging ways that storytellers, authors, filmmakers, and TV show creators can hold onto an audience is by creating a very detailed world for their stories to live in. The more detailed the world, the more impressive it can be.

After all has been created or completed, crunching the numbers can create some staggering revelations about the fictional world and the characters in it. New York City would drown in a sea of marshmallow in Ghostbusters. Batman has killed more people than Jeffrey Dahmer in spite of his “no kill” rule. You wouldn't believe how many miles Forrest Gump ran.

Learn some impressive and somewhat scary statistics calculated about your favorite film characters and the worlds they live in.

a9superior BISMARCK Heron PIERRP One day, Forrest Gump just felt MADISON like running. And he COLONB ran a grand total of 15,248 MILES. 59 ATLANTA CIT
CRACKED COM Jack Bauer kills a total of 309 PEOPLE over the whole run of 24. Put in a different way, that is one kill every 40 minutes.
Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer, the Executor, is about IVILES L long. It would crush most of Manhattan if it were to use the island as a landing s
In Warhammer 40,000, the Emperor has sat upon the Golden Throne for nearly 11,000YEARS. That's about as long as humans have lived in cities.
CRACKEDCON Recreating The Lego Movie using actual Lego pieces would require Th 080.330 blocks. A tower made with that many Lego bricks would reach alm
Being 112.5 feet tall and 37.5 feet wide, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters contains roughly 925, 000 GALLONS of marshmallow. The goo fr
CRACKED.COM Dahmer MIMMIMMIMI Batman MiM In the two movies he stars in, Michael Keaton's Batman kills 20 PEOPLE. That's three more kills than Jeffrey
25 Eyebrow Arching Stats About Fictional Worlds
CRACKEDC The damage to Manhattan in The Avengers has been calculated $160 as BILLION. 2 That's more than 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, or the 2011 tsunami
Taking care of 101 Dalmatians? You'd better be ready to clean up 76 POUNDS OF POOP EVERY SINGLE DAY. Skip one day, and the next you'll have the weight
Carn The Lost Here ol ERED MITHRIN WAS thue Witrh realm Anmar In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo and Sam walk 1,779 miles from Hobbiton to Mt. Do
If WALL-E worked around the clock, without ever stopping to recharge, make repairs, or 95 mess around, it would YEARS take him roughly to build one tr
CRACKED.COM According to tie-in novels, soldiers in Gears of War maintain their peak physical form with a daily intake of 6, .900 CALORIES. Three time
In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the cloud that surrounds V'ger is stated to be 82 AU across. That is more than the distance FROM THE SUN TO PLUTO AN
A World of Warcraft player can run the whole length of Azeroth in one hour and ten minutes. At marathon speeds, this suggests that Azeroth is about 14
The main cast of Seinfeld dated a grand total of 212 GIRLFRIENDS AND BOYFRIENDS over the course of the series. 27 50 73 62
CRACKED COM In Dredd, Mega-City One has a population of 800 million (compared to 300 million in today's U.S.A.), and 17.000 crimes reported daily (as
The website Obsessed with Film calculated that in order to master piano, ice sculpture, and SO on, Phil 403 Connors 403 had to spend 12, DAYS stuck in
In Star Trek: Voyager, the titular spaceship needs 70 years to make the 70,000-light-year trip back home. Today's spacecraft would take 300 MILLION ye
CRACKEDCON Minecraft's total surface area is over 9 MILLION EARTHS. Or if you prefer big, unwieldy numbers, 4,722,366,482,869,645 square kilometers.
The titan Cronos, from the God of War series, stands 1,600 FEET TALL. By way of comparison, the Empire State Building is 1, .450 feet high. CRACKED.CO
CRACKED.COM 0 icarus Gemenon By the time of the the Cylon attack, 23.5 BILLION PEOPLE lived in the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. When the series ended, ab
CRACKEDcO ths.cycle(trw) this.interval cher this In Star Trek: The funeten Next Generation, Data's processing capability is stated to be 60 TERAFLOPS
Smaug IMF Germany U.S.A. TONS /2500 I7.500 Smaug's fortune in The Hobbit 690 has been estimated at TONS of gold. That's slightly less than the 2,814 t
CRACKEDCO The Death Star is the size of a small moon, but its habitable space isn't limited to its surface. You'd have to cover THE ENTIRE EARTH (ocea
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