20 Characters Who Should Have Been Reported For Harassment

Problematic is just the tip of the iceberg.
20 Characters Who Should Have Been Reported For Harassment

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By now we're all pretty sure what constitutes inappropriate behavior toward other human beings. Hollywood, however, hasn't gotten the memo. Fictional characters constantly engage in super-skeevy behavior that would get them cancelled, immediately. Still.

For example ...

the office In the Season Two finale, Casino Night, Jim confessed his love for Pam. Pam was horrified, saying I can't, and I'm really sorry if you
FR.I.EN.P The gang spent 5 seasons obsessively spying on their neighbor that they referred to as UGLY NAKED GUY The ongoing joke was about how fat h
Remember that funny episode in Saved By The Bell when Zack Morris sold swimsuit photos of his (underaged) female schoolmates, taken without their cons
In X2: X-Men United, Mystique shapeshifts into Jean Grey, enters Wolverine's tent, and kisses him. She lies on top of him and tries to have sex, and d
CRAGKEDAON Bender harasses Claire The throughout the movie. Breakfast He suggests they get the Club prom queen impregnated, asks if she wants to see
CRACKED Br eaking 35 4-18 17.33 Bae d 56 Hank Schrader stalks, harasses and beats Jesse Pinkman unconscious, with only circumstantial evidence (at the
20 Characters Who Should Have Been Reported For Harassment
CRACKEDCON GREY'S ANATOMY Derek 'McDreamy Shepherd relentlessly pursues Meredith Grey despite his status as her boss. When Meredith calls him out on
THE SImPSONS Smithers has spent decades making unwanted advances and inappropriate comments towards Mr. Burns. All harassment victims deserve sympathy
the office There's an episode in which Dwight grabs onto Jim's crotch. Although his motive wasn't sexual (he was checking whether Jim was attracted to
CRACKEDC COM how i met your mother Ted Mosby won't take 'no' for an answer. After his dermatologist Stella told him that she won't date her clients, T
In the Jim Carrey flick The Mask, The Mask takes revenge on two mechanics by shoving car parts up their asses. As they're wheeled into an ambulance, a
twilight Edward ends up sneaking into Bella's room without her knowledge.... for months. CRACKED
women? Rapey attractive Horrible Bosses Wedding Crashers Hilarious! CRACKED
In That '70s Show, Laurie surprises Kelso in his van and sits on top of him. He tells her she shouldn't be in there, and that his girlfriend wouldn't
20 Characters Who Should Have Been Reported For Harassment
BRIDES MAIDS Megan (Melissa Mccarthy) relentlessly harasses a clearly uninterested sky marshal with weird conversation and bold sexual advances. By th
Sorry, Steve. But even if you're from the 40S, violently grabbing your co-workers and shoving them into walls is still assault! CRACKED COM
The guys from Big Bang Theory are harmless lovable nerds with hilariously geeky pranks: mounted webcams on RC cars to look up a woman's skirt disguise
20 Characters Who Should Have Been Reported For Harassment
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