26 Characters & Performances That Were Ripoffs

26 Characters & Performances That Were Ripoffs

Insufferable people love to point out that there's nothing original in the world, and that everything's derivative. The thing is, not only are they right -- they're actually understating the problem. It turns out a lot of famous characters, movies, and even complete personas are ripped off in their entirety from someone or something else.

We'd like to think it's inadvertent, but it's pretty hard to ignore the incredible similarities between things like ...

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THE XENOMORPH WASN'T THE FIRST PARASITIC BREEDER. THE VOYAGE OF THE SPACE BEAGLE A.E. van Vogt A. E. Van Voght sued Fox over Alien's similarities to h

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26 Characters & Performances That Were Ripoffs

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MONSTERS, INC HAD ALREADY BEEN MADE. In 1989's Little Monsters, a boy follows a blue monster under his bed into a secret world connected to every chil
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