14 Dangerous Lies About Self-Defense, Corrected

Before you break out that spinning jump-kick, check this out.
14 Dangerous Lies About Self-Defense, Corrected

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We're constantly bombarded in movies and TV by images of people heroically surviving attacks by employing some breathtaking self-defense hack. Couple that with all the sketchy, free advice online, and it's pretty easy to get lulled into a false sense of security.

The thing is, a lot of that advice is not only bad, but dangerous. So we asked our readers to ferret out terrible advice and portrayals of self-defense, debunk them, and show us what people should actually do.

Scream 'fire' instead of 'help' for a better chance at getting the attention of bystanders. You'll get their attention, but you'll also turn them aw
If you're being mugged, it MIGHT seem like a good idea to throw your valuables and run in the opposite direction... ...but that could be really danger
Pepper spray isn't always useful. If you're downwind, the spray blows back and hits you.
Size doesn't matter in self-defense is a void claim, seeing as most predators pick out smaller victims. Training with people who are considerably bi
Women's self defense tips are well meaning, but So many focus on being attacked by strangers... 70% when in actuality, of homicide victims are familia
A knife-wielding attacker won't always threaten you with it. In fact, many stabbing victims did not actually know their attackers had a knife until af
If held at gunpoint, your safest bet is to just do whatever you're told, right? Not exactly. Give them your money, sure. But if they tell you to get i
When looking at stun guns, higher voltage isn't necessarily better. X26 Manufacturers like to advertise millions of volts, but it's actually the amper
Get a gun that's SO easy to use, you don't have to learn how! Those guns don't exist. Whichever gun you choose, you have to learn how to handle one.
Personal alarms aren't as effective as you might think. Research shows that people are more likely to respond to cries for help than a device like a w
Kicking a male aggressor in the groin will not necessarily neutralize him. There's no guarantee he'll even react to it (especially if intoxicated) so
CRACKED.CO COM In a fight, don't try for a totally badass one- hit KO haymaker.Stick with lots of smaller hits instead. A one-two combo of a jab with
An ear slap isn't a magical strike that will bring your attacker down no matter what. It's actually not So simple to perform and there are much easier
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