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Unless you're independently wealthy, you've probably had to live in a residence you didn't actually own. And that means you've had to deal with a landlord or landlady. We're not exactly sure what happens to a person when they become a property manager, but there's definitely some sort of chemical reaction in the brain.

Either that, or tenants are the absolute worst. Which leads to situations like ...

Entry by RayMav

My landlord really liked asking private questions. One time he randomly went: So, what's your favorite porn genre? He followedthate up by recommendin

Entry by hennyblanc0

# SW I'm trans. My landlord said to me, Hey, can you dress more like a girl? You're freaking me out. CRACKEID OONI

Entry by Scott Laffey

When the landlord was showing my wife and me our first place, we were looking at a closet when she dolefully told uS, Yeah, the last tenant's cat pas

Entry by Sonny Time

I rented a room from a woman who walked around naked after showering. She said air-drying was good for the soul and that should do the same.

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