15 Scientific Reasons Humans Are The Weirdest Of All Animals

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Humanity is weird. We differentiate ourselves so much from other animals. I mean, Mortal Kombat aside, we use the term “humanity” instead of “animality” right? And we are the only animal that uses terms like “term.” We are certainly odd and unique compared to other animals on Earth.

Oh, you think we're the normal ones? Can you explain why only human women and whales go through menopause? Or why we are the only primates without a penis bone? Or how we humans are more altruistic than any other animal? 

Hell, explain milk. Not human breastfeeding or any of that, but why do humans drink the milk of other animals? No other animal in nature does this. Hell, no other animal in nature tries to make substitute milk from plants either.

Humans are weird and unique compared to most other animals. It's a scientific fact, not an opinion. Check out these scientific findings about… well, us.

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