23 School Dropouts Who Went On To Kill It


Now, we aren't saying that education isn't important ... but these people did do a bunch of cool stuff without all that institutionalized nonsense.

Our readers brought us the best of the best, whose said best was the result of a lack of some sort of education. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by McPatrick

Youre reading this because of Michael Faraday. HIS discoveries of how electricity and magnetism work led to the first generators and motors. We power

Entry by mkad

CRACKEDCON Failing grades made Henri Dunant drop out of his Swiss college, and he got a job with a bank. Finding work in Algeria, he witnessed the Bat

Entry by John E.

CRACKED Jose Mujica President of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay He dropped out of high school and became a political activist. He would later join a

Entry by CZM

When Charles Dickens was 12, his.father imprisoned for debt. Charles had was to drop out of e) school to support his family, which is how he ended up

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