Here Are 13 Ways Movies Totally Jedi Mind Trick You

Sometimes movies are smarter than you think.
Here Are 13 Ways Movies Totally Jedi Mind Trick You

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We all know that there's more to movies than just aiming the camera and shouting, "Action!" There's important stuff like editing, and directing, and cinematography, and sound mixing, and so on.

But there's also a layer of subtle brain-trickery that zips right past your conscious mind unnoticed and hacks straight into your cerebral cortex. Or your medulla oblongata, or something.

Speaking of brains, our thanks to AnnNeri, for thinking up this contest.

CRACKEDcO COM ha The camera is always physically connected to Mother SO you always know she is who matters. There are three kinds of shots in the movi
Wonder Woman uses color not only to make the viewer perceive a difference between the Amazons' island paradise and the corrupted men's world... But al
CRACKED.COM SPIDERA INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE Miles isn't falling through the frame. He's rising. -Into the Spider-verse screenplay The iconic leap of
The events of MEMENTO play out in reverse order to make sure the audience only understandsas much as Leonard. Director Christopher Nolan said the mos
In a lot of American movies the villains CRACKED COM have a British accent. Experts attribute this to the accent being associated to low morals.
Erin CRACKEDCOR Brockovich The costume designer ensured that all the supporting actors wore drab, earthy colors SO Julia Roberts and her flashy outfit
Napoleon Dinamite Most of the scenes in this film are shot with a static camera so that every little awkward movement of the characters will be more n
Here Are 13 Ways Movies Totally Jedi Mind Trick You
In The Iron Giant, the Giant is CGI (painted to look 2D) while everything else is hand-drawn. This makes you feel like the Giant is far bigger and mor
The Shining and The Exorcist use the sounds of distressed animals to make the audience nervous. 000066 Humans are programmed by evolution to hear the
TH E SHAWSHANK R E E P Scenes that take place in the prison are shot in shades of gray and in tight spaces to make viewers feel isolation and despair.
Requiem for a Dream starts off using wide shots, but as the film progresses the shots get tighter and tighter. This was a technique Darren Aronofsky u
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