Amazing Hacks To Make Your Apps & Browser Less Infuriating

Before you cancel your internet and burn your devices, consider these tips.
Amazing Hacks To Make Your Apps & Browser Less Infuriating

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The internet is everywhere, and deeply flawed. It's practically impossible to avoid using it in your daily life. But there are ways to make it more tolerable. Here's a collection of tips for making the web and its associated apps more convenient, intuitive, and less annoying. And they've all been thoroughly tested by Readers Like You.

You probably have a bunch of unread Facebook messages you don't know about. 10 T T 3 810 26 Photo O Messages from people you're not Friends with end u
CRACKED COM Your workplace blocked a website that you need for your academic research and you can't afford a VPN? DETECT LANGUAGE ENGLISH SPANISH FREN
Want someone to unfollow you on Twitter without blocking them? Try soft blocking by blocking and immediately unblocking the user. biock Block @t ? w
WATCH YouTube videos and browse other websites at the same time on your Chrome with the PICTURE-IN-PICTURE FEATURE. DOUBLE-RIGHT- -CLICK a YouTube vid
e Want to send a private email and don't want others to see it? Use Gmail's Confidential Mode. Confidential mode Recipients will not have the option
Tired of manually clicking the 'skip intro button? RAN FIST BROOKLY NINE-N SKIP INTRO 19:32 Brooklyn N Nine- Nine SAFY Palms: Partr CE Cocal Add Chr
CRACE o an Apple device, you can hold the space bar to launch TRACKPAD MODE- I think we should eat ickcream T nn01 onnnd nononn It's so much easier to
Issue: After searching for pages on Craigslist, you can't find a good deal on something you're looking for. CRAUN craigslist create a posting communit
Trying to copy text from link, SAtC a NET without opening ivanky DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft DPICable Nylon the link? Braided K@165Hz, @144Hz, 4K@60Hz]...
Changing to night mode makes looking at a bright screen in a dark room easier on your eyes. Install a browser extension called DARK READER, which can
PROBLEM: If you quit your browser or worse, it crashes you lose all your tabs. You're screwed ...loading... SOLUTION: In Chrome, go to your settings.
Your favorite app or website has suddenly stopped functioning? You can easily look their alternatives with AlternativeTo CROWDSOURC
GUERRILLA MAIL.COM Guerrilla Mail - -Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address Don't want to give them your real email? Use a temporary email. No registrati
If you're a fan of YouTube's Layout on your smart TV, you can get the same look on your PC or laptop by switching to TV mode. Entertainment Musie Tech
Tired of getting these annoying requests from websites wanting to send you notifications? YW Your Website C A A httos: lyourwe
Amazing Hacks To Make Your Apps & Browser Less Infuriating
Incognito mode isn't just for NSFW activity. O0 If you're borrowing a friend's device, use it to log on to your online accounts to avoid logging them
You can permanently silence noisy websites in Google Chrome. Tired of rackety autoplay videos interrupting your web browsing? Shut them up for good. a
Want to remove something from your Netflix viewing history? You totally can. Don't want your partner to know you binged Stranger Things without them?
TURN ANY SUBREDDIT INTO AN IMAGE SLIDESHOW. https// Lil grabbies grabbin finger MAvoow /rawww hotkeys sre blog nsfw Auto every s
WINDOWS 10 has a secret hotkey to enable an MOJIKEYBOARD. Press Windows and the period (.) or semicolon (:) key to launch it. ES 1 O0 L 0 CRACKED COM
Forgot to log out from Facebook on your friend's device? You can still log out remotely. Go to Settings'> Security and Login' 'Where you're logged i
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