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The internet is everywhere, and deeply flawed. It's practically impossible to avoid using it in your daily life. But there are ways to make it more tolerable. Here's a collection of tips for making the web and its associated apps more convenient, intuitive, and less annoying. And they've all been thoroughly tested by Readers Like You.

Entry by PookieJones

Tired of manually clicking the 'skip intro button? RAN FIST BROOKLY NINE-N SKIP INTRO 19:32 Brooklyn N Nine- Nine SAFY Palms: Partr CE Cocal Add Chr

Entry by Ashebox

Trying to copy text from link, SAtC a NET without opening ivanky DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft DPICable Nylon the link? Braided K@165Hz, @144Hz, 4K@60Hz]...

Entry by arvind97

If you're a fan of YouTube's Layout on your smart TV, you can get the same look on your PC or laptop by switching to TV mode. Entertainment Musie Tech

Entry by Scott Laffey

TURN ANY SUBREDDIT INTO AN IMAGE SLIDESHOW. https// Lil grabbies grabbin finger MAvoow /rawww hotkeys sre blog nsfw Auto every s

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