21 Important Questions Movies Failed To Answer


Everyone enjoys a good mystery, but there's just one catch: most people also enjoy having their questions answered eventually. Nonetheless, some films leave us hanging for eternity. Important scenes are occasionally cut from films, leaving a mystery, well, mysterious. A writer or director may purposefully leave a burning question to encourage the audience to draw their conclusions. Perhaps the dangling overarching plotline is just bad cinematography, or maybe the answer is irrelevant. The point is: it's easy to become engrossed in a film, to the point where filmmakers gloss over important details without our knowledge.

Of course, none of this will deter audiences from speculating. The questions ambiguous endings raise have plagued film fans for decades, but don't waste too much time trying to find answers. They will never again be resolved because they've not been by now. Do not squander your time.

Well, we're not going to stand for that nonsense any longer. We revisited some of our favorite films to ask the questions we didn't have time to ask the first time we saw them.

Entry by NickBoyer

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Entry by mkad

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