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We know you're justifiably skittish about fan contributions to the internet, because so many of them are truly disconcerting works of fiction. But sometimes fans come up with an absolutely amazing theory that makes you look at an existing franchise in a whole new light.

For example ...

Entry by VictorCamo

The Dilophosaurus doesn't attack Nedey at first because she wants to mate withhim. The dinosaur is playful at first, possibly having mistaken his yell

Entry by PookieJones

How does Neville Longbottom go from zero to hero? He gets a new wand. In the Harry Potter universe, a wand must choose its owner, not the other way ar

Entry by Oona Vessman

The Maester Conspiracy: InGameofthrones,the maesterse are secretly erasing all the magic from the world... and they almost succeeded in it. In a world

Entry by Kevin King

In the Daniel Craig James Bond movies, Bond is So so- promiscuous because he's infertile. While on his first ever mission in Casino Royale, Bond gets

Entry by Resivir

Donkey from Shrek may be one Of the boys from Pleasure Island that was transformedl into a jackass in Pinocchio. 1. Most Of the characters in Shrek ar

Entry by Andrea Meno

Snoke is Palpatine's mentor Darth Plagueis. STAR WARS Palpatine tried to kill Plagueis (who could save people from death), and thought Plagueis died.

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