How One Thing Totally Made You Flip On A Fictional Character

Turns out it doesn’t take much to make us do a complete 180 on a character.
How One Thing Totally Made You Flip On A Fictional Character

We've all got our favorite movie and TV characters. You know the ones -- those characters you secretly hope will come up in the "Which Extended Universe Character Are You" quiz of the day, those characters you cosplay as for Halloween or Comic Con or a fun Friday night in your apartment when you need to unwind. Fiction is a powerful thing that way: it makes us see people we admire, relate to, and aspire to emulate. That's a really cool thing!

But as often as not, somewhere in that character's universe is an action, or a trait, that's so unforgivable that it makes our opinion of them do a complete 180.

Fortunately, the reverse is also true. There can be something about a completely unlikable character that immediately gets you on board. LIsten, fandom is a strange and passionate beast. And when these character flips happen, they stick with us. Things like ...

Pinocchio was my favorite when I was little. While he did make mistakes, he proved to be a kind, brave, altruistic boy in his heart. That is until I r
CRACKEDCONT I was sympathetic toward Carlton Lassiter until I realized he doesn't care about the environment. He litters, and he doesn't believe in gl
I used to see the MCU's Tony Stark as a die-hard individualist, a man who thinks for himself and goes his own way. Thatis until J.A.R.V.I.S.outs him a
CRACKED.COM GOD OF WAR (2018) Kratos is a stern but caring parent. He's haunted by the things he's done in the past, but he has grown and matured as a
From the beginning of Mad Men, Bert Cooper's extreme libertarian pro- business views make him easy to hate. But his politics are made understandable,
CRACKEDC COM BATMAN BEGINS I admired Batman's no killing rule in dealing with criminals, especially hen he goes out of his way to stop Henri Ducard fr
OF THE KING HILL L thought Cotton Hill was justa bitter, abusive, mean old man. Until he thought Hank beat Peggy, and he was disgusted. Hank, what'd
I'm not sure how CRACKED COR much of The Little Mermaid I saw as a kid... ...but I did expect Ariel to be a sweet little angel when I rewatched it as
I originally dismissed Bart Simpson as an irritating brat. However, the horrifying fantasy he had in 'Bart VS. Thanksgiving' (season 2, episode 7) rev
CRaCKEDCom Like most GAME OF THRONES viewers, I didn't like Jaime Lannister at first. But one line from him won me over: We don't get to choose whom
CRACKED.COM Jesse and James resemble typical cartoon villains. But then I realized that they treat Meowth as their. equal... in a world where Pokemon
Wayne's World! Wayne's World! It's date rape time, excellent! I idolized Wayne and Garth as a teen... until / saw a rerun of their first SNL appearanc
BOROMIR'S DEATH IN THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING WASN'T ENOUGH FOR ME TO FORGIVE HIM... GRAUI But Denethor's treatment of his surviving son, Faramir, dem
CRACKED CON I used to think that TEE ENCREDUBE was a simple- minded rage monster. Once I started actually reading the comics and noticed how often he
How One Thing Totally Made You Flip On A Fictional Character
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