We've all got our favorite movie and TV characters. You know the ones -- those characters you secretly hope will come up in the "Which Extended Universe Character Are You" quiz of the day, those characters you cosplay as for Halloween or Comic Con or a fun Friday night in your apartment when you need to unwind. Fiction is a powerful thing that way: it makes us see people we admire, relate to, and aspire to emulate. That's a really cool thing!

But as often as not, somewhere in that character's universe is an action, or a trait, that's so unforgivable that it makes our opinion of them do a complete 180.

Fortunately, the reverse is also true. There can be something about a completely unlikable character that immediately gets you on board. LIsten, fandom is a strange and passionate beast. And when these character flips happen, they stick with us. Things like ...

Entry by DroppinShitz

CRACKED CON I used to think that TEE ENCREDUBE was a simple- minded rage monster. Once I started actually reading the comics and noticed how often he

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