23 Famous People With Talents Everyone Ought To Know About


A lot of famous people are one-trick ponies -- good at sports or acting or making music or making sex tapes. Ironically, very few one trick ponies are famous. But we digress. We’re one trick ponies and even our mom’s stopped pretending that we’re special after that unfortunate holiday incident several years ago.  

It’s worth pointing out that there are a select few celebrities that transcend their known genre of expertise, excelling in another field entirely that you'd never expect.

We asked our readers to practice a little Google Fu to bring us these individuals and gave money for the best submissions. And, would you believe it, did they ever.

Here’s our question? How did Prince get so good at pool? And does he really need it? He’s got incredible dance moves, a wild discography and a rabid fan base.  Leave some for the rest of us! Plus, you think he’d be a little busy, you know, making chart topping hits and touring the world.

Prince is just the tip of the ice berg…for more wild tales, keep on scrolling. You won’t regret it.

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