23 Famous People With Talents Everyone Ought To Know About

News flash: Famous people are capable of being good at more than one thing.
23 Famous People With Talents Everyone Ought To Know About

A lot of famous people are one-trick ponies -- good at sports or acting or making music or making sex tapes. Ironically, very few one trick ponies are famous. But we digress. We’re one trick ponies and even our mom’s stopped pretending that we’re special after that unfortunate holiday incident several years ago.  

It’s worth pointing out that there are a select few celebrities that transcend their known genre of expertise, excelling in another field entirely that you'd never expect.

We asked our readers to practice a little Google Fu to bring us these individuals and gave money for the best submissions. And, would you believe it, did they ever.

Here’s our question? How did Prince get so good at pool? And does he really need it? He’s got incredible dance moves, a wild discography and a rabid fan base.  Leave some for the rest of us! Plus, you think he’d be a little busy, you know, making chart topping hits and touring the world.

Prince is just the tip of the ice berg…for more wild tales, keep on scrolling. You won’t regret it.

Pringe has been described as a pool shark. The Purple One's personal photographer (who considered himself as a fairly decent pool player) told a story
23 Famous People With Talents Everyone Ought To Know About
David McCallum's acting career spans over 50 years, from The Man From U.N.C.LE. to N.C.I.S. but he's also a composer of note. You'd recognize The Edg
CRACKEDOON The late Monty Python star, Graham chapman, was also a qualified doctor although he obviously focused more on his comedy career.
Condoleeza Rice is an accomplished concert pianist. She performed with the Denver Symphony at age 15, and has accompanied cellist Yo Yo Ma at Washingt
CRACKED.OOM Richard Nixon was a multi-instrumentalist. Although he never learned to read music, Nixon could skillfully play the piano, saxophone, clar
23 Famous People With Talents Everyone Ought To Know About
CRACKED GOM Justin Bieber can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than two minutes! RUBIK'S 4LIFE Yes, probably faster than you can! Bieber has been showing
Plato was a well known wrestler In fact his name Plato (real name Aristocles) was given to him by his wrestling coach. CRACKED
Mike Judge Creator of King of the Hill, Beavis and Butt-head, (and an entire list of other great f*cking shows and movies) plays the Bass. He is prett
Sir Anthony Hopkins paints canvases that sell for up to $80,000. He paints four times a week, for hours and hours, and he's made more paintings than h
CRACKEDC COM vav'ss onstl as Margot Robbie has given 100 tattoos to different people in her free time.
Susan Sarandon is good at ping-pong. Spin YORK NEW She loves the sport SO much that she co-founded SPiN, a chain of table tennis clubs and bars. It no
ACTOR JASON MOMOA IS ALSO A PAINTER, HAVING STUDIED THE ART IN PARIS Which isn't strange, considering ORAOT that his mother is a professional painter
Thomas Jefferson is the father of American archeology. He was the first person on Earth who excavated a prehistoric site to learn about its builders
Besides acting, Patrick Dempsey also has a career as a race-car drivero P. emasav 911 Mou CARTIID MICHELIN CRACKEDCON
BVLGAR CRACKEDOON (000 A Hilary Swank competed in swimming in the Junior Olympics, and was ranked the fifth all-round gymnast in her state.
EZRA MILLER IS A TALENTED OPERA SINGER BROW He started taking singing classes as a child to overcome his stuttering. cRA
23 Famous People With Talents Everyone Ought To Know About
Richard Gere knows how to play multiple instruments, including the guitar, piano, and trumpet. And he composes. Gere would write the music for high- s
CRACKED Dr. Phil used to race moto- cross. He can still pop a wheelie on a dirt bike.
Michael Dorn can fly military jets. The actor, who played Worf in the Star Trek franchise, started piloting in 1988 and he has since flown many differ
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