Stereotypes That Are Proven Baloney (That People Still Believe)

A lot of stereotypes are surprisingly easy to debunk.
Stereotypes That Are Proven Baloney (That People Still Believe)

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You would think that commonly-believed assumptions earned that status because, you know, they're valid statements backed by proven data. But, as with many things we tend to accept wholesale, it turns out many of these "facts" are pretty much baloney.

So it's time to stop believing things like ...

Turns out, Native Americans aren't heavy drinkers. 16.7% of whites binge-drink a few times a month, as do 17.3% of Native Americans. And 7.5% of white
BLOND GIRLS ARE STUPID Actually, they score slightly above everyone else on IQ tests. CRACKED cOM
The prevailing media narrative is that Donald Trump won the White House by tricking the desperate poor. The median Trump voter makes $72,000/year, mor
Manliness won't help you fight the flu. Quite the opposite. Testosterone suppresses the immune system, which is why it takes men longer to recover fro
Stereotypes about Jewish people being reluctant to spend money are malarkey. In 2016, Jewish Americans gave more than twice what Catholics gave to cha
Critics of food stamps portray recipients as unemployed! loafers with no motivation to find work or leave the GRAUN program. In fact, a 2012USDA study
ALL MUSLIMS ARE ARABS' STUDIO6 WBEZ WEZ Actually, only 200/0 of Muslims are of Arab ethnicity. CRACKED COM
Contrary to the stereotype of Australians being constantly at risk of death by venomous snake or spider. the leading culprit in animal-related deaths
Gay men actually don't sleep with a lot of people. Of 3.2 million OKCupid users, 45 percent of gay ones (and 44 percent of straight ones) had 5 sexual
Only a very small minority of Jamaicans are Rastafarian. According to a 2005 report, they make up less than 10% of the population.
THESE YOUNGER FOLK NO LONGER RESPECT THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE Figure 1: Divergent Trends in Extramarital Sex by Age 20% 19% S 18% 17% 16% 15% 14% XK
Spec Germany isn't really all that crazy about sausages. Shaditwus 1.9 07 hrer Weisse wurst Ring ian N.a 1009 112 Kalbs -Bratwurst Stockwrst 1.12 119
CRACKED ALL VIKINGS WORE HORNED HELMETS Actuallys the misconception came from a painter who had drawn the Vikings with horned helmets. He was inspir
Contrary to the idea of women being bad drivers, women tend to be more careful at the wheel than men. From 1975 to 2016, the number of male car crash
All Latinos are brown 15 10 17 15 Mestizosa are rarely a majority in any given Latin American country. Certain places, like Argentina, are 850/0 whi
In US politics, everyone knows that working class means coal miners. Te fa ST TST More people are employed by Arby's alone than by the entirety of t
YOU CAN FREELY CONSUME ANY DRUGS IN AMSTERDAM Actually, all drugs are forbidden in the Netherlands. The government only tolerates very small amounts
Asians are bad drivers. For an ethnic group that supposedly has bad driving written into their genetic code, they sure get into very few road acci
Poor people are mostly drunks and/ or drug addicts. Not true. A 2012 study has revealed that while young adults in poor families were more likely to
417288620 The story of the dorks growing up to rub their wealth in all the the popular kids' faces is a fairy tale. Students who have good social skil
Most gamers are men ...but in reality, men are the minority in gaming! ONY According to studies. 52% of gamers are women. Even in 2011 about 49% of
CRACKEDCON VS The image of Asian-Americans as a super-successful model minority is an illusion. While the average Asian-American household's income is
CRACKED Black men are particularly well endowed. FALSE Recent research shows there's no correlation between race and penis size. C
Prrisoners aren't thhe ones committing most of the sexual violence in prison. Institutional staff are responsible for sixty percent of reported sexual
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