26 Celeb Buried Backstories

26 Celeb Buried Backstories

As a culture, we generally know a lot about celebrities. Most of the time, we know too much about them. It's hard to not find an article, a video, a talk show segment, a tweet, or something that reveals more about a celebrity's likes, dislikes, favorite food, favorite city, hobbies, books that read, TV they watch, a collectible they… well, collect, or some other tidbit into their personal life. Hell, you may know more about certain celebrities than you do about your own grandparents.

However, just because you know a lot about a celebrity, it doesn't mean you know everything about celebrity. Especially their past. You might be a giant Star Wars nerd, but you probably didn't know about a major cast member's traumatic post-9/11 military service. Then there is that Oscar winner that used to work at a bakery for dogs.

Read on for details on these and other buried pasts of famous people.

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