The Surprisingly Strange Origins Of 22 Famous Companies

Superheroes could take a page from some of these companies’ origin stories.
The Surprisingly Strange Origins Of 22 Famous Companies

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Ever wonder how famous companies got their start? No? Maybe you should, because sometimes their origin stories are really weird. Usually, in fact. Here are some of the strangest, most surprising back stories behind famous companies.

And these are just the ones our readers could come up with off the tops of their heads.

Before American Express became a multinational financial services corporation... 1ee AMERICAN EXPRESS CE Pictured: Their first logo symbolizing trust
Coca Cola Dr. John Pemberton created Coca-Cola in the hopes of curing his morphine addiction.
In 1940, Marty Bromley founded Standard Games which made slot machines and jukeboxes for military bases in Hawaii. However, in 1952, the US governme
Bank of America used to be Bank of Italy. BANKOFITALY OF 632 632 ORR CEGRONDONA IBANCA 834 32 9 CIGARS NCA YMLA BANK dr ITALY. BANCA It was a neighbor
Twitter began life as the podcasting app Odeo. logous ODET exbead Sync Create Listen Create and Find original audio Automatically publish your owo con
Kellogg's, and specifically kellogg's Cornflakes, was invented to curb masturbation. John Harvey kellogg allbog's wasn't a fan of sex or CORN FLAKES m
Marriott GRAY COM began as a tiny A&W root beer stand. 3120 dt Shoop Tht COFEE HOTAMALES ROOT BEER CH7LT CON CARNE The family expanded their business
NASCAR was founded by bootleggers They all raced the police for a living... and they wanted to know who was the best one at it. CRACKED COM
During WWII, brothers Rudolf and Adolf Adi Dassler manufactured boots for the German soldiers, as well anti-tank as weapons. F Panzerschreck Adolf p
CRAGKEDOON ICOLECO EEEE CASSACFOOTERAL HH began as the Connecticut Leather Company, selling materials to shoe companies. It later went into the plasti
Today one of the world's most powerful electronics brands, SAMSUNG STARTED AS A GROCERY STORE dealing mostly in dried seafood and noodles. SAMSUNG Aft
Shell didn't start out as an oil company. It started as an antique shop run by Samuel Marcus, who later expanded his business to selling Oriental shel
THE FOUNDER OF TGI FRIDAY'S AYS DID IT ALL FOR THE NOOKIE. Alan Stillman had no food experience when he opened his first location. And his goal wasn't
AVON was founded by a book salesman. Avo Ouitlook NOW YOU ARE NBUSINESS FOR YOURSELF Travelling book salesman David McConnell began giving away perfum
CRACKED.COM 14110141 Little Trees Margarita Fri The idea for Little Trees air fresheners was born after the company's founder Julius Samann listened t
3M began as a mining company 98/ he minsesota Mining A MNamufacturing Compasy. SNANARN Goialot Orot Dutar nn a 3M, formerly known as Minnesota Mining
Abercrombie & Fitch began as an outdoor goods retailer known for high-end hunting, fishing and camping gear. CRACKEDCON
GRAGKEDO PeG Candle maker William Procter and soap maker James Gamble had nothing in common but the materials in their products, until they married si
CRACKEDG ON Raytheon World's largest manufacturer of guided missiles, started out making fridges and microwave ovens. r EOS
DuPont Teflon DuPont, the maker of your non- stick Teflon pans, started out as a company that specialized in making gunpowder and explosives. CRACKEDC
Smartphone manufacturer NOKIA began in 1865 Z 00t 3uoud PNON ISOL a PAPER MILL. CRACKED COM
flickr was originally part of a POINTLESS GAME THAT NEVER ENDED. Refresh Report Bua Save Exit strlatic 12,354,314 energy 11783/5000 GAME O NEUERENDING
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