33 Everyday Things That Terrified You As A Kid

To be fair, a lot of scary stuff could fit under a bed
33 Everyday Things That Terrified You As A Kid

Its fairly scary, being a child. There are lots of important, serious things to worry about. Which makes it all the more puzzling when we wind up being afraid of random, mundane things that arent actually frightening or dangerous. We asked our readers to tell us about the irrational fears that plagued them as children, and they delivered in utterly terrifying spades…

I spent years of my childhood being terrified of mirrors in dark rooms. My parents told me That when my friends were playing Bloody Mary, they were ac
Whenever I Flushed a toilet or drained the bathtub I always imagined getting SucKED into them. I always ran out as soon as I pushed the flush button o
CRACKEIDO COM I was terrifed of walking barefoot in tall grass as a child. I was certain that there were scores of nasty bugs that would sting and bit
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STATUES of heads terrified me as a kid. D ? I used to think that they were REAL HEADS encased in cement. CRAUN
33 Everyday Things That Terrified You As A Kid
As a kid I DACHSHUNDS was terrified of After. (probably playfully) being chased by one once, I was scared of the 6 inch talr monsters for the rest of
As a kid, nothing scared me more than AUTOMATIC WINDOWS. I worried they'd cut off my arms or fingers if they got anywhere close. And I FREAKED OUT whe
When I was younger, I was afraid a ceiling fan would scoop me up by my hair and spin me to my death. CRACKED COM
As kid, CRACKEDGO a I stayed away from a manholes. I was terrified that a monster or an alligator would pop out of the cover and grab me.
CRAGKEDCON As a kid, refused to vacuum or even be in the room when someone was vacuuming. Even the vacuum cleaner character from The Brave Little Toa
CRACKEDOON Cabbage Patch Kids used to absolutely terrify me as kid. a Their resemblance to a certain killer-doll led to many sleepless nights... espec
I was afraid of security cameras before I knew what they were Everything about their design seemed menacing and predatory
Up until the age of 8, I was terrified of fireworks, even sparklers. The loud noises, the bright lights; everything about them made me think I would d
My visceral fear of E.T. was based on a misunderstanding. I thought his name was Eaty because he liked to eat things. And, one day, he was going to
CRACKED.COM When I was a kid, I was sure that smoke detectors worked with a very tiny camera, and that they were watching my every move.
As a kid, thought that there was something sinister about grandma headscarves. they I what are mean, hiding under there?
When I was little, I was absolutely terrified of sunflowers. They're just So unnaturally big, they look like eyes, and they all face the same directio
Whenever my head got bumped, I always checked if I could remember my own name, because N AE E was afraid of getting amnesia that way, like in the movi
I used to be terrified of escalators, specifically the ridges on each step. To Me, they looked like a toe shredder.
I could never look outside my window at night as I was scared that I would meet the gaze of a monster disguised as an ordinary human being. I could fe
I believed that I could die by electrocution if I touched the strings of an electric guitar. wield could that anybody mind, In my capable of also will
CRACKEDG I checked the car's door-lock probably 30 times during a car trip because I was afraid the door would accidentally open and I would fall out.
CRACKEDCO Screeeeeee! Five-year-old me was convinced that our kettle was haunted, because it screamed like a banshee whenever the water in it started
the hop over 0 would of at the bottom gap steps the basement To avoid the ankle- grabbing monster that I was sure lived under there CRACKED
Walking on a creaking floor scared the crap out of me. Because 0 expected to end up like this. CRAGKEDOON
When I was little, I was petrified of MCDonald's Or, more specifically... THE GIGANTIC CHILD-EATING BIG MAC JAIL THING IN THE PLAYLAND.
I was a puny child and was once actually knocked down to the pavement by a gust of wind. After that incident, plus seeing The Wizard of Oz, I became t
GRACKEDOOM Flushing the toilet at night reallly scared me as a kid. I thought that the loud, scary sound would attract demons, So I would keep my eye
I was terrified of accidentally writing on my skin with a penb I was scared that my body would absorb the ink, taint my blood and turn me blue.
NGER HIGH VOLTAGE I used to think that meant the sign had the high voltage. I therefore grew up terrified of those signs!
33 Everyday Things That Terrified You As A Kid
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