27 Bits Of Wonderfully Offbeat Data

All the data you had no idea you needed to know, until now.
27 Bits Of Wonderfully Offbeat Data

Scientific curiosity is pretty much a requirement for anyone in math-related fields, and it's definitely responsible for a ton of technological advancements. But it's also responsible for a bunch of goofy data. 

Like nobody cares about how much the 30-year interest has fluctuated since the last time the economy crashed, but tell us ‘firm’ data about how long it takes guys to pee when they're in close proximity to each other, and you have our attention. Same with which part of the body hurts the most when stung by a bee: yeah, some maniac took all the stings necessary to make that determination, and it sure seems silly to let all that pain and swelling go to waste. Thanks to other maniacs, we also know just how slippery a banana peel really is.

So here are some other examples of weird things that scientists actually studied, and more important, what they found out.

Physicists from the American Physical Society have determined that you could heat up a cup of coffee by yelling at it. You'd need to yell constantly a
Researcher Michael Smith wanted to find out which body part, when stung by a honey bee, would hurt the most. So he let bees sting him in 25 different
Scientists from the University of Vienna calculated the amount of sexual intercourse Moroccan King Moulay Ismael needed to perform in a day to father
Ever wonder how slippery a banana peel is, when you step on it? Scientists from Kitasato University did. They calculated that the frictional coefficie
In 1995, Shigeru Watanabe, Junko Sakamoto, and Masumi Wakita measured the ability of trained pigeons to distinguish between the paintings of Picasso a
Researchers CRACKED OON at the Georgia Institute of Technology have determined that the average pooping time for mammals is twelve seconds.
Japanese researchers have calculated how long it'd take to get to space by riding on a space elevator. 8 days CRACKED COM
CRACKEDo COM DES Scientists at the Australian National University have discovered that the oldest color in the world is pink! They examined rocks unde
Scientists have discovered that bananas are slightly radioactive. They determined that, to prevent a harmful radiation dose, should CRac you never eat
Scientists from Juntendo University, Japan have figured out the best music to help mice who received heart transplants survive. They played three kind
scienTISts FRom THE BABRAHAM INSTITUTE AT CAMBRIDGE HAvE FIGuReD OUt JUSt HOW WeLL A sHeep RemembersotHers sHeep's FACES. The study found that sheep c
Scientists from Ecole nationale veterinaire de Toulouse have figured out that dogs' fleas jump CRAN farther and higher than cats' fleas. An experiment
Thanks to the research of David Cole, we can now rest assured that a diet of HUMAN MEAT is lower in calories than that of other large animals. FOR YEA
Scientists funded by the Italian Space Agency calculated whether humans can run on water if the water is on the moon. The result: Only if they weigh 7
Scientists at the University of Quilmes in Buenos Aires have discovered that if you give a hamster Viagra before a long flight he will recover from je
Amos Dolbear devised a formula for calculating the air temperature based on the frequency of a cncket's chirps. Count the number of chirps in 15 secon
According to a study by researchers at Pacific University College of Optometry, women taking birth control pills blink 32% more often than women not t
Scientists at the University of Hong Kong determined how many droplets of saliva humans spray., by counting them one by one. They found out that an av
NO! Granny tell me Don't is right! Yep, thanks to the research of Paula M.S. Romao and associates, we now know what millions of grandmothers! have alw
Scientists at the University of Wurzburg in Germany calculated at what frequency termites will eat faster neoe Their findings? Termites generally chew
Matthew Rockloff from central Queensland University found that holding a crocodile before going to a casino can affect the bets you make. The result s
In 1976, a researcher set out to determine the relationship between invasion of personal space and the speed of urination among men in public toilets.
Physicists have bizarre theories on how Legolas's elf eyes could see so far: Using distance data from The Lord of the Rings books, one concluded he co
The strength of a horse has been calculated to be greater than one horsepower. In 1927, researchers from lowa State University found out through their
Scientists from the University Of Minnesota tried to find out whether we can swim in syrup as well as we do in water. They dumped 661 Ibs of thickenin
A group of scientists at NYU have calculated that it takes nearly 2, 500 licks to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop. CRACKED COM
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