27 Bits Of Wonderfully Offbeat Data

27 Bits Of Wonderfully Offbeat Data

Scientific curiosity is pretty much a requirement for anyone in math-related fields, and it's definitely responsible for a ton of technological advancements. But it's also responsible for a bunch of goofy data. 

Like nobody cares about how much the 30-year interest has fluctuated since the last time the economy crashed, but tell us ‘firm’ data about how long it takes guys to pee when they're in close proximity to each other, and you have our attention. Same with which part of the body hurts the most when stung by a bee: yeah, some maniac took all the stings necessary to make that determination, and it sure seems silly to let all that pain and swelling go to waste. Thanks to other maniacs, we also know just how slippery a banana peel really is.

So here are some other examples of weird things that scientists actually studied, and more important, what they found out.

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Researchers CRACKED OON at the Georgia Institute of Technology have determined that the average pooping time for mammals is twelve seconds.

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