The B-Movie Gimmick From The '60s (That We Want Back)

We’ve discussed William Castle here at Cracked, the all-time king of horror movie gimmicks. And among all his contrivances to get butts in theater seats to watch B-grade schlock, there's a particularly clever one used in one of his ‘best’ movies, Homicidal.

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Entertainment is big business. Or possibly small business, if you're the band playing the ten-person venue in what used to be a mechanic's shop. We actually aren't sure. One truism is that numbers don't lie, and they're often enough to break your brain. From the amount of swears you're allowed to improv in rehearsal before the MPAA ups your rating from PG-13 to R, to the fact that Disney Princes still get more lines than Disney Princesses, numbers rule everything around us, as the WU Tang Clan once said.

Numbers are incredibly frustrating in their ability to debunk truisms about the universe, but maybe the more we understand about the universe, the better off we are. Probably not, though. But that's not going to stop us from trying.

Anyway, we asked our readers to show us interesting, surprising facts about the business that we call show. And we gave cash to our favorite stats.

The winner is below, but first, the runners-up:

Entry by Andrea Meno

Best Actress Oscar winners' acceptance speeches focus on family a lot more than Best Actor Oscar winners' speeches. Between 1988 and 2013, they mentio

Entry by culturekills

CRACKED.COM Both Black Panther ($700 million and Avengers: Infinity War C$679 million, MARV: SUTE grossed more at the domestic box office by themselve

Entry by PParker

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies were shot in the exact same number of days: 266. 1OH ATHY RTCTOK od HTLORB O IE AENCE Then why are they

Entry by PollyDarton

Johnny Knoxville's embarassing Special Olympics comedy The Ringer Had the biggest box office opening weekend sales drop ever Opening Sales: $2.376,98

Entry by Jordan Rudow

Between Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and more, Disney basically treats the box office like a cash machine that gives billion-dollar withdrawals, to the tu

Entry by Scott Laffey

The most overpaid actor in 2017 was Mark Wahlberg, whose films only grossed $4.40 for every buck he was paid. The best value actor for the same year

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