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By now we've pretty much established that Hollywood types are making everything up as they go along. Well, apparently that goes double when it comes to property masters. There are bizarre, hilarious, creepy stories behind most of the props you see on screen in iconic movies and TV shows.

Consider the stories behind these famous doodads:

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ERASERHEAD CRACKED.COM David Lynch has never revealed how exactly he made the grotesque baby prop in Eraserhead. One journalist asked David if the ba

Entry by Kevin King

The director of Lord of War, Andrew Niccol, borrowed 50 real tanks from a real arms dealer to use during the arms bazaar scene: Prior to filming, Nicc

Entry by Andrea Meno

Many Star Wars props are repainted WWIl airplane parts. Rolls-Royce Derwent jet engine cutaway IG-88's head and the cantina drink containers are jet e

Entry by masta_X

The realistic severed horse head in The Godfather was actually real. The decapitated head came from a slaughterhouse that made dog food from horses. C

Entry by PParker

After the Wizard of Oz's iconic Ruby Slippers were stolen, a one million dollar reward was offered for their return. CRACKED.COM The reward was never

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