5 Things About Vikings That We Get All Wrong

Unfortunately, thanks to centuries of misinformation in scholarly histories and in popular culture, most people suffer from a variety of misconceptions about the Vikings, from who they were to when they were active to what, exactly, they did.

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We love movies based on true stories. We see the human drama play out, knowing that someone somewhere actually live through all of what we are seeing on the screen (well, a version of it, anyway). When the movie ends, we feel a catharsis, seeing the story come to a conclusion whether or not it was a “happily ever after.” The thing is, the people in those movies go on having lives, after the credits roll and the story wraps up. 

Remember the Titans? Some of the players in later seasons want to forget the coach. Oskar Schindler? He needed some help after the events of Schindler's List. The house in The Conjuring? Now haunted by tourism.

We asked Cracked readers to chase down some of the real people behind famous movies, and find out what else happened to them, after the events that they're famous for ended. These are their findings.

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