22 Bizarre, Unexpected Facts About Historical Figures

22 Bizarre, Unexpected Facts About Historical Figures

Movies and television series are always tanking. It's simply a result of the industry. The fact is, some of the movies and shows that we consider to be huge flops did surprisingly well at the box office and in the ratings. We challenged our readers to dive into the numbers and show that many of the flops we mocked were actually huge hits. We also awarded cash prizes to the best entries.

There are a lot of reasons a movie might flop at the box office. Maybe the story was too complex for audiences to follow, or the humor fell flat. But sometimes, even the best Hollywood minds can't save a movie from tanking. 

We all know about the big-budget Hollywood movies that tank at the box office. But did you know about the small indie films that bombed in a much bigger way? Here are some of the most successful movie failures ever. Keep reading and enjoy.

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CRACKEDG COM SADDAM HUSSEIN WROTE ROMANCE NOVELS He consulted with professional writers on his works before releasing them under a pen name that trans

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