23 Statistics About School That Should Make You Lose Sleep

It’s enough to make you want to cut your yacht loose and let it drift.
23 Statistics About School That Should Make You Lose Sleep

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School is about to begin again, if it hasn't already, so we asked readers to find us some weird and worrying facts about the American educational system. And boy, did they. Turns out there are things about students, teachers, the schools themselves, and our educational system in general that are legitimately worrisome.

Fortunately, we're all graduates of Cracked, here, which isn't worrisome at all.

American Schools have slowly been re- re-segregating. As of 2011, the number of southern black students attending integrated schools (defined by havin
A RECENT REVIEW OF THE COSTS FOR 2,000 COLLEGES SHOWED: Even after putting away 10% of their income for a decade, only about half of the colleges were
Colleges are shutting down at an increasing rate. Mr LE LE rT 1777 In 2015-16 there were 66 closures. In 2014-15 there were 54. In 2013-14 there were
Bullied students are twice as likely to contemplate and commit suicide.
SCHOOL SHOOTINGS ARE A WORRY FOR MANY TEENS, ACCORDING TO A 2018 SURVEY. 57% of students aged 13-17 expressed at least some concern that a shooting co
CRACKEDCON If you started working on a bachelor's degree in 2009, the chances you'd obtain one by 2015 were: Percent Type of Graduated School PUBLIC 6
60% of American Sign Language interpreters in K-12 classrooms do not have the necessary skills to provide full educational access to Deaf and hard of
Women hold most of the CRACKED current COM outstanding student loan debt. Student loan debt is at $1.5 trillion as of mid-2018. $ Women billion owe $9
CRACKEDCON Despite the fact that education is a female dominated workforce, male public school teachers earn 10-13% more than female teachers.
Part of the point of public schools is to make school answerable to the voters. Yet voter turnout in local school board elections is less than 10% on
Teacher turnover is rising, which is bad news for kids and for the system. Secute 1o Nationwide teacher turnover is almost 17% (50% higher than a deca
There's almost no school lunch that's good for you. Only 6% of U.S. school lunches satisfy the Department of Agriculture's nutritional requirements. A
The national Youth Risk Behavior Survey has found that almost half of all American high school students don't do any physical education classes in an
Elementary school teachers are more likely to be threatened with injury by students (10.7 VS. 8.8 % or physically attacked by students (9.2 VS. 2.4%)
Two in five college students deal with depression. A survey from 2017 asked students if in the last 12 months they felt So depressed that it was diff
Despite of a nationwide shortage public school teachers, in 2018 only 4.6% of incoming college freshmen plan to major in education. In 1975, 22% of co
A 2017 survey by T. Rowe Price showed that families with boys provide more support for their children's education than families with girls. Boys' hous
Going SCHOOL TO RACK CRACKED COM is expensive Average cost for supplies and fces per studen't for the 2018/201 school year Elementary School: $37 Midd
Americans oWe $500 billion more in student loans than in credit card debts. American's Loan Comparion (million USD) 1500000.00 1.000.000
Heavy backpacks are giving students back problems. Experts recommend backpacks should not be more than 10% of a child's weight. But studies show stude
American teachers are severely underpaid. In 2016 the average starting salary for a US teacher Was $38,617 a year, compared to a starting salary of $5
U.S. high schools are pretty violent places. 0 Every month, 282,00 secondary school students are targets of physical assault. That's roughly the popul
CRACKEDCON United States Penitentiary Federal Correctional Complex Coleman. Florida 2015 Average federal spending per inmate, $31,977.65 NTH 2015 - Av


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