16 Examples Of Facepalm Bureaucratic Nonsense

We asked our readers to find us the biggest waste of time, money, and resources and gave $200 to the most appalling.
16 Examples Of Facepalm Bureaucratic Nonsense

Every time we hear someone complaining about wasted tax dollars, we usually just roll our eyes and get back to whatever pantsless activity we were attempting to engage in. But, you know, it turns out those people kind of have a point. We asked our readers to find us the biggest waste of time, money, and resources and gave $200 to the most appalling ...

GRAGKEDOON Taxpayers are paying for oil... $22,500 PAINTINGS. Commerce Secretary Portrait = $22.500 Agriculture Secretary Portrait = $22,500 Air Force
DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY U.S. Customs and Border Protection OMB No. 1651-0113 Welcome to the United States I-94W Nonimmigrant Visa Waiver Arriv
CRACKED Internal Revenue Service IRS By providing stock options as a major form of their compensation to date, Facebook has claimed $3.2 billion in fe
DEAR SUBSCRIBER. yOU ARE REGISTERED AS A PARTIGIPANT IN A MASS DISTURBANGE his was a text sent out by the Ukranian Government following a protest CRAC
Seen here apparently posing for a Cialis ad is Jeff Neely, former GSA Regional Commissioner. Neely organized an $822.000 conference with taxpayer mone
In September 2013, the Air Force completed construction of 4 C-27J aircraft, and delivered them straight to the aircraft graveyard at Davis- Monthan A
In 2008 an earthquake ravaged Haiti and donations of food soon came pouring in. However, due to mountains of red tape the food was left to literally r
Sarcasm + Texas TERRORISM 18 y/o Justin Carter from Texas was arrested in February 2013 for making Terroristic Threats in response to a fellow Leagu
Joel Bauman (wearing white), of the U of Minne- sota, lost his NCAA eligi- bility to wrestle and his partial scholarship when he released an inspira-
In 2008, Polish authorities declared Piotr Kucy drowned and dead. Not actually dead, he requested them to update the official records. Months later, h
The ARMY insists that it neither needs nor wants more Abrams tanks. But Congress is ignoring the experts. Why? Because keeping production going is goo
The National Institute for Health (NIH) conducted study of married a couples over period to determine what makes successful. a 13-year a marriage The
Despite being thoroughly vetted before being allowed to help our military, only .500 of the more than 100,000 Iragi workers hired by the US Military a
The U.S. State Department pent $630.000 in 2011-2012 buying Likes for their Facebook pages. DO YOU ME? Like
These are Veterans Affairs claim folders waiting to be processed. There is the so much backlog, integrity of this building in North Carolina is at ris
The Marihuana* Tax Act of 1937 imposed tax stamps on marijuana possession. But the act of applying for these stamps was admissible in court as evidenc

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