Incredibly Dumb Costume Choices In Famous Movies & Shows

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There's an entire award category dedicated to the stuff people wear in movies and on TV shows. By now you'd think costume designers would know what they were doing. Unfortunately, characters still turn up onscreen in completely ridiculous getups. So rs1 came up with the idea to ask readers to show us obnoxious examples of onscreen getups that are illogical, ill-fitting, impractical, or just plain wrong for their setting.

The winner is below, but first, the runners-up:

Entry by PookieJones

THE EXPENDABLLES and In full gear to the teeth, armed helmets? yet no


THE NIGHT'S WATCH operates in a place of constant winter. code Their dress is all black, and it makes them stick out like a sore thumb in the snowy te

Entry by esullivan

Jon Snow hates it when hat hair messes with his curls GUESS HE'S FINE WITH INEVITABLY LOSING HIS EARS TO FROSTBITE


CRACKEDcO V's mask seems to THR be the most uncomfortable thing you can put on your face. THROUGH FADZA It is stiff and has a very narrow field of vie

Entry by PollyDarton

CRACKEDCON What exactly are the masks supposed to be hiding?

Entry by wonderfloam

CRACKEDCON thetwilightay new moon The costumes in New Moon are ridiculous because their shorts explode every time they transform into wolves. They wou

Entry by Kalli

The CRACKEDCON STAND is the tale of survivors in a post- plague apocalypse. Fran Goldsmith is ultra preppy in miniskirt and tights while riding a moto


CRACKEDC BATMAN ROBIN While Batman's cowl covers the majority of his face, Robin and Batgirl are concealing their identities with domino masks. The on

Entry by masta_X

Major Alan 'Dutch' Schaefer Predator It doesn't matter how ripped you are exposing that much skin in a tropical jungle increases your risk of contract


CRACKEDcO SHERLOCK John -& -Sherlock- are a -bit stylish for a down-and-out retired British Army doctor and an unambitious freelancer. Maybe they coul


In the DCEU films, Wonder Woman needs her shield, gauntlets and armour to protect herself from damage. SO WHY IS HALF HER BODY COMPLETELY UNPROTECTED?

Entry by SmolBean

CRACKED.COM It'sazombie apocalypse, not NYCFashion AAAA Week. RESIDENT EVOL If the zombies won't kill you, your feet will.


CRACKEDCON AVENCEiS INENIGT WAUR Why does Thanos own armor? He was able to defeat everyone in just a tank top and a glove.

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

ALOENS Dwayne Hicks wears dark, camouflaged military garb for concealment purposes (obviously). The painted-on, bright-red heart and shiny padlock on


In The Force Awakens, Snoke has a giant hologram of himself because he's really into intimidation. So why is he dressed like he's going to a space-org


CRACKED COM BATMAN Batman's all-black costume was definitely better for stealth than his classic blue and gray. Or it would have been, if he had dropp


A crime fighting archer with a hood that covers his peripheral vision.... ARROIV is just plain idiotic.

Entry by fuzzydan

In the movie ANTMAN the hero needs an air hose running to his helmet to breathe while miniaturized. All a villain would need to do is sever the hose a