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A lot of celebrities have a bad reputation, and often deservedly so. But sometimes, like the dot of yang in the tadpole of yin, there's also something noble and inspiring about them. We gave our readers a safe space to admit which unpopular, widely-despised, and mocked celebrities they secretly admire.

Here's what you told us:

Entry by Kevin King

For years Robert Pattinson has been vilified just for playing the brooding vampire, Edward, in the Twilight series. Instead of complaining about all t

Entry by Maclise

Despite being known as a dorky A-list actor with a brutal criminal record from his time as a gang member... Mark Wahlberg's present-day devotion to re

Entry by

CRACKED COM Nicole 'snooki LaValle is just one of those obnoxious reality-TV stars who's just famous for being famous, right? Well... yeah. But what

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