We get that actors, and special effects are pretty expensive, but we're always baffled when we hear the amount of money it takes to make a Hollywood blockbuster. After all, many of our favorite films were made with a borrowed hand held camcorder, a few nameless actresses and whatever it costs to rent two plus sized chicken costumes (and have them thoroughly dry cleaned).

We asked you to show us what some of the most expensive movies would have looked like if they'd been made with what those of us who know the value of a dollar still consider a lot of money. The winner is below, but first the runners up.

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Handprint Art Project More Badass Than A Turkey.

Everyone made one of these in kindergarten at Thanksgiving:

Well, you're grown up now, so take that same hand outline as a starting point and see what else you can make with it other than a turkey (and other than five penises). Use MS Paint, or draw it and scan it, whatever. The most creative gets a gold star, and $50!

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