33 Awesome Businesses We'd Start If We Could


We live in a world where almost any crazy idea is given life, and yet we still find things a little ... lacking.

That's why we asked our readers to come up with any business idea they could think of, so that we could steal them and go on Shark Tank. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Danzy

SUPERSTORE You COSTUME To Costume Artists Make-up Use Professional We

Entry by Mgloss

MOM-9110666-91) BLEEDLVG! ASTYfalls STUBBED TOES ASITCERS BEESTVGS UGLBREKUPS Also, dealing with assholes in authority since 1990 CRACKED COM

Entry by chasem

Traffic Hopper CRAGKED COM

Entry by dfjeld

33 Awesome Businesses We'd Start If We Could

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